Diploma in Coaching and Behavioural Change


This unique one year, blended learning course gives current healthcare professionals a chance to develop essential and highly effective new skills whilst gaining 2 individual professional qualifications ideally suited to the modern healthcare arena. It incorporates practitioner training in both NLP (specially tailored for healthcare professionals) and Health and Wellness Coaching, with an additional module in stress management, to help give clients strategies for coping with chronic stress. This course is a must for all healthcare professionals wishing to make a long term and profound difference to their client’s lives. It is specially designed to develop a unique and diverse set of skills devised to dramatically improve patient compliance, facilitate change, overcome barriers to change and improve health in the long term. Thereby improving practitioner success rates and job satisfaction for those looking to become truly successful 21st century healthcare professionals.

Dublin and online, can be started at various points during the year, please contact us for details

About the Course


For those particularly interested in helping clients to change long held and defeating habits and beliefs, this unique 1 year diploma, written to level UK 4 (Irish level 6) gives graduates a highly effective set of skills and 2 individual professional qualifications ideally suited to the modern healthcare professional to help maximise income potential on graduation. Includes:

IHS Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching (recognised for 37 Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) by the International Coaching Federation – ICF). IHS is offering this ICF approved ACSTH programme in partnership with Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc.

IHS Certificate in NLP for Healthcare Professionals (recognised by the Association for NLP – ANLP)

- IHS Certificate in Stress Management, to help you address a key causative factor in many individuals’ health issues

Why Choose the Diploma in Coaching and Behavioural Change?

- Constantly updated material. All modules have a module leader responsible for them. The role of the module leader is to continually update the material delivered in lectures, student notes and online, set and mark assignments and to answer student queries on the module forums. This keeps IHS material up to date using evidence based research and the very latest theories in healthcare.

- Comprehensive and well structured study material supplied. Including presentation slides, written notes, case studies, video clips, quizzes and short answer questions and opportunities to reflect on your knowledge – all designed to make the learning experience as interactive as possible

- Dynamic and interactive lecture weekends. Designed to suit all learning types and engage students in the learning process. Lecture weekends include a mixture of formal lectures, group discussion, group exercises, role play and case studies

- The IHS commitment to pastoral care and student support. IHS have a dedicated student support officer to help struggling students or those with specific learning difficulties. We ensure that all students have access to both staff and peer support whilst studying with IHS

- 2 professional qualifications in one certificate course. Maximise your earnings potential with professional qualifications in NLP and Health and Wellness Coaching

- Flexible study options. Students can study in-class, or by blended learning (Health and Wellness Coaching and Stress Management modules may be completed as home study)

- Help clients make a real, positive and long term difference to their lives. Develop the skills required to effectively help clients to facilitate  long term lifestyle changes, overcome barriers to change and improve their health and wellbeing

- Broaden your potential client base. This unique blend of qualifications enables you to work with any number of clients with a broad base of health goals

- Register with the ANLP (Association of NLP Practitioners) on graduation. Receive the benefits and support associated with belonging to a professional body

- Become one of Ireland’s first health and wellness coaches. Recognised for 37 approved coach specific training hours with the ICF.

- Start seeing clients and earning immediately – all consultation paperwork for each discipline provided to graduates

What will I study?

This unique and innovative one year, blended learning practitioner training course combines 2 practitioner training certificates with an additional module.

Please contact us for a lecture plan.

IHS Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching. Utilises the latest evidenced based behaviour change strategies to help empower individuals towards taking responsibility for their own health and adopting long term and effective health promoting lifestyle choices. Developed by Michael Arloski PhD, licensed psychologist and a founding father of the health coaching profession.

IHS Certificate in NLP for Healthcare Professionals. Developed by a team of healthcare and NLP experts to ensure that you will develop practical new skills in understanding language and behaviour, identifying representational systems, anchoring, linguistics and rapport building that can be applied to any healthcare setting.

IHS Certificate in Stress Management. This module takes a comprehensive and practical look at stress to ensure healthcare practitioners have the tools required to help clients manage one of the biggest contributing factors to chronic disease in the 21st century. The module covers the major causes and physiological impact of stress from both an orthodox and functional medicine perspective and gives students a comprehensive overview of the best evidence based stress management techniques (both ‘in the moment’ and long term). These include coaching for stress relief, relaxation and breathing exercises, mindfulness meditation, emotional freedom technique and self-hypnosis. The content is designed to allow practitioners to give their clients practical tools to help manage stress but also know when and who to refer to should they need more specialist help. Dietary interventions to help support the nervous and endocrine systems will also be discussed in detail.

How is this course structured?

There are three modules in total. NLP must be completed in-class whilst the Health Coaching and stress management modules may be completed either in-class or online.

As this is a practitioner training course, case studies and assessments will be required to be completed and passed in order to graduate.

All students are enrolled onto the IHS learning management system. Here you will find all course material, forums, quizzes, assessments etc in one place to help you organise your study and study material as efficiently as possible. You will also upload all assessments here and can also use it to communicate directly with module leaders, other members of staff and fellow students.

Entry Requirements

This diploma is a lifelong learning course and students are accepted on to this course through a combination of academic qualifications and relevant life experience.

Normal minimum entry requirements

The minimum academic entry requirement for this course is a grade C at Junior Certificate or 4 GCSEs grades A to C. Equivalent international qualifications will also be accepted. A background in healthcare is essential.

Prior Learning and Prior Experiential Learning

Applicants with Prior Learning and Experiential Prior Learning will also be considered. All knowledge, skills and competencies accumulated through life and work experience will be considered.

All applicants will be interviewed to determine their suitability for the course
Course Fees