IHS Certificate in Stress Management

Stress Management

‘Stress is defined as “bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium.” Stress is a thought. That’s it. No more, no less. If that’s true, then we have complete control over stress, because it’s not something that happens to us but something that happens in us’. Mark Hyman M.D. 2016

This short certificate takes a comprehensive and practical look at stress, its causes and methods of management that can easily be used by any healthcare practitioner. Stress management can be completed as a standalone module or as part of the IHS Diploma in Coaching and Behavioural Change.

Next in-class start date (Dublin): 2018, date TBC

About the Course

The IHS Certificate in Stress Management examines the sources and cumulative impact of both psychological and physical stressors – for example electromagnetic smog, over-exercise, over eating vs malnutrition and anxiety. It explores the Functional Medicine perspective on chronic and acute stress, its effects on the hormonal system, particularly the adrenal glands, plus diseases associated with stress.

This course is taught and written by experienced Health and Wellness Coaches, NLP practitioners and Nutritional Therapists working in the behavioural change and integrative healthcare fields and is particularly suited to healthcare professionals, or those in related fields. It provides a practical training in the physiological impact of chronic stress and evidence based integrative management techniques.

Why Choose the IHS Certificate in Stress Management?

Stress is one of the most significant contributing factors in the current chronic disease epidemic. In just 1 month, you will acquire a range of practical tools and strategies to support your clients in effectively managing their stress and to ultimately help grow your healthcare practice. The course will also offer tools and strategies to recognise and manage your own stress.

This module can be used as credit towards the IHS Diploma in Coaching and Behavioural Change, which offers healthcare professionals additional skills and strategies for growing your client base even further.

What will I study?

Students will be introduced to different tests (both biomedical and in-clinic) to assess the impact of stress on an individual, e.g. adrenal hormone profiles and stress analysis questionnaires, and review a variety of stress management techniques, exploring those that can be used in the moment and long term, including relaxation and breathing techniques, mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), visualisation, self hypnosis and ‘desk yoga/massage’. A coaching focus runs throughout the course with students learning to identify and explore an individual’s challenges and stress triggers. They will develop skills in helping a client reframe and refocus, breaking the stress habit, exploring time management, accountability in stress management and making stress a positive. Students will explore dietary support for stress management, including stress inducing foods, the stress-allergy link, and foods and nutrients to support the nervous and endocrine systems.

Duration: 1 weekend workshop plus approximately 1 month of home study of 5-8 hrs per week

How is this course structured?

Example Course Content:

Sources of Stress

The Physiological Impact of Stress from a Functional Medicine Perspective

Stress Testing

Evidence Based Stress Management Techniques

Coaching Towards Better Stress Management

Supporting the Nervous and Endocrine Systems with Diet

Entry Requirements

This is a lifelong learning certificate and therefore academic qualifications and life experience will be considered. A primary healthcare discipline and evidence of third level study is advantageous. If English is not your first language, you will require an IELTS score of 6 or above.

Computer literacy required – Microsoft Office essential.

Course Fees

Course fees: €249, Early bird special offer €195 for enrolments before Friday 31st March 2017