Meet the Newest Members of the IHS Academic Team

The goal of IHS is to be a centre of excellence for education and training in nutrition and health. We are committed to furthering the standards of practice for training in Ireland, the UK and the rest of the world. To achieve this goal we have developed up-to-date and scientifically relevant course material and have established a passionate lecturing team of experts.

We would like to give a warm welcome to Continue reading…

Recipe of the month – Vegetable Bake

Adapted from the Happy Pear Cookbook (to make it vegan/dairy free).

The sauce is key and can be made in advance/bulk – the rest can be varied every time. It’s proved popular with non-healthy eaters, guests and family! Continue reading…

IHS has been endorsed and certified by Crossfields Institute

Crossfields Institute is an awarding organisation and education charity, based in England, specialising in the design, delivery and award of holistic and integrative qualifications in variety of sectors including health and social care and child development. The Institute is regulated by Ofqual (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) (UK equivalent of the NFQ in Ireland) which regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland. This qualification is unregulated because the Institute for Health Sciences is based in Ireland, but is subject to the same quality criteria and standards as for a regulated qualification.

The IHS Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching is now endorsed and certified by Crossfields Institute ( equivalent to UK level 4 (Irish level 6).

The Institute of Health Sciences has been subject to a quality audit by Crossfields Institute to ensure that both the college and this bespoke qualification meet the required quality criteria and necessary standards. This self-regulated qualification (SRQ), delivered in Ireland, has been verified by Crossfields Institute as equivalent to UK Level 4 (Irish level 6), indicating the depth of study and level of difficulty involved in successful completion by the learner. The unit summary may be used as evidence towards recognition of prior learning if you wish to progress your studies in this sector.

Crafting A Wellness Lifestyle With A World Of Choices, by Dr Michael Arloski, PhD

If we know that our lifestyle has tremendous effect upon our health, how then shall we live?

How trapped are we in the limitations of the culture we have experienced most of our lives? Greater travel and today’s technologically shrunken world has immensely increased our awareness of alternative ways of living. We do, in fact, have a world of lifestyle choices to draw upon. Let’s look at some cultural concepts and practices we might draw upon and explore some strategies for doing so and some challenges we might face. Continue reading…