Where can an IHS qualification take you?

Svetlana Sarantseva
BA (Hons), Cert IHS, MFNTP
Founder, Certified Dietary Coach
Member of FNTP The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners


Svetlana graduated the IHS Certificate in Dietary Counselling in 2012. Continue reading…

Junk Foods Shrinks the Brain

We all associate junk food with a swelling of our waistlines but new research suggests that it may also contribute to the shrinking of the brain associated with dementia’s like Alzheimer’s disease. The good news? A diet rich in vitamins and fish may well have the opposite affect and protect us from these increasingly common and devastating disorders. Continue reading…

50% of Medicines and antibiotics are mis sold

The pharmaceutical industry has come increasingly under fire over the past couple of years with stories emerging of research cover-ups and safety concerns regarding some popular drugs. Now, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), it appears that over 50% of medicines prescribed, dispensed or sold worldwide are done so inappropriately. Continue reading…

Health News, second brain discovered in digestive system

Breaking News: Researchers Discover that Humans Have Two Brains! By Caroline Noonan, Distance Learning Manager

It may sound like something straight out of a bad science fiction movie but I kid you not, scientists have indeed discovered a second ‘brain’ in the human body. Where?… right there in your digestive system! We have known for a while now that the gut houses certain elements of the nervous system, such as brain chemicals known to influence mood, but this exciting new research has established that the gut actually has a completely separate and independent nervous system that exists without control by the human brain. So what does all this mean? Continue reading…