Carla M. Jones

Culinary Consultant

Carla M Jones

Carla is a Grand Chef de Le Cordon Bleu, a certified Sommelier from the top Sommelerie school in Spain and a certified Diet, Health & Wellness Coach from IHS. Her professional experience as a Chef and Sommelier spans the globe. From teaching to working in top restaurants, to running her own designer-dessert catering company, and currently, teaching and running a virtual Diet and Wellness clinic from Dublin, Carla has filled many roles in the food industry. In Spain, Carla became known as “the American Chef” after being an integral part in propelling American cuisine to a gourmet status in Spain. Carla has her own TV Show on Spain’s food network, has been a guest chef on TopChef Spain, has been invited to cook on daytime TV talk shows, interviewed on radio, been a keynote Chef at culinary conferences, and has been featured in various print and web publications for her international approach to food. Carla has lived in 8 countries and uses food as a way to experience the world, meet people and learn about history and culture.…and also, as a tasty way to stay healthy and live a long and happy life.