5 Reasons to Become a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Sheila is a Nutritional Therapist (Sheila Downes Nutrition) and an IHS Clinical Practice Supervisor & Course Consultant


1. You’re passionate about nutrition, lifestyle…and helping people

Now, more than ever, people are thinking about their health as something that needs more than a check up with their GP. Food and nutrition have long been known as a key to health, but applying that knowledge hasn’t always been as simple. Lifestyle factors are becoming more prominent in how we achieve health – but all the information seems to talk about WHAT you need to achieve, and not so much about HOW to get there.

The IHS Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching will walk you through the nutrition and lifestyle factors and how they apply to overall health. This is combined with coaching skills that will help you inspire and motivate your future clients. We have deliberately designed our course to give you a blend of knowledge and skill to help you work with clients. Want to see what’s in the course? Get your own copy of the Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Unit Outline.

2. You would like a career change

“Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”

Who doesn’t want to have a career and life they love?!

The Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching programme offers students practical training in key areas required to develop a successful career. Students are offered a strong foundation in nutritional science with guided learning units, webinars, tutorials, home study and phased assessments and are instructed step by step how to analyse individual nutrition and lifestyle needs.

  • Explore the the strengths and weaknesses of different dietary trends such as Paleo, Mediterranean and Intermittent Fasting. Discover the beneficial impact of different nutrients, foods and lifestyle habits on the body.
  • Explore food from farm to fork and discuss how food is grown, processed and thus nutritionally depleted and the cumulative effect this can have on the body and longevity. Develop key proficiency in creating personalised, varied, nutritious and tasty meal plans suitable for a range of clients to help promote optimum health.
  • Explore how Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching can be used in different professional contexts and develop skills in one to one Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching consultations. Practice key coaching and communication skills with their peers and live clients ensuring they are confident and competent to help clients towards long-term lifestyle change.

As an IHS qualified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, you can begin to practice and truly change lives. You will have the skills to coach and inspire individuals and groups towards long term diet and lifestyle changes for optimal health and wellbeing. Many of our graduates have gone on from this point to build rewarding careers and businesses.

3. You want a flexible career that works around your lifestyle

However you decide to use your NLC qualification, one thing you can be sure of is that your career can now work for you instead of you being a slave for it. Whether you want to work full time or work around other commitments and interests you can choose your hours and what you do with them.

We love hearing all the exciting new ways our graduates choose to use their qualification – we even started a podcast featuring a different graduate each month on a topic close to their hearts.

4. You want a qualification and career you can build and personalise

When you qualify as an IHS Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, you will leave feeling confident that you have all the skills necessary to start your own nutrition and lifestyle practice. There is an ever increasing demand and need for IHS graduates in today’s society, as people require practical, personalised and science-based advice and support regarding their health. As a graduate of IHS’ Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching you will be well placed for jobs within the health & beauty and sports & leisure industries, and have the tools to create your own business and start practising straight away.

However, you will also have opened up a whole host of new opportunities for further professional and personal development. Perhaps one element of the course really peaked your interest and you would like to specialise there, or maybe you’d like to add new knowledge and skills to your qualification. NLC really is a qualification you can build on to help you carve out your own personalised career path – you might decide to develop your skills further as a health and wellness coach or you might decide you would like to build on your nutrition knowledge and qualify as a Nutritional Therapist, and even go on to a masters in nutrition. Whatever you decide, you have a good foundation with a level 4 qualification to progress in your career.

Many of our graduates also feel that through studying the course, they have also developed many invaluable skills that were not initially so obvious and have helped them hugely in their own personal development. Lifelong learning skills such as communication and interpersonal skills, critical thinking, adaptability and flexibility.

5. You want recognition of all your knowledge

Many new students have already read a lot by the time they reach IHS and have a great base knowledge. However, there are a lot of nutrition and lifestyle “facts” out there that don’t always have strong evidence to back them up and it’s difficult to know fact from fad. With the IHS Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching you can acquire evidence-based personalised nutrition and lifestyle knowledge to enable you to effectively guide your clients on the most appropriate path to their personal health and wellness goals. We help you explore the strengths and weaknesses of different dietary trends such as Paleo, Mediterranean and Intermittent Fasting. We teach you how to be evaluate the approaches so that you can take those skills to any new trend that arises long after you graduate.

To do this successfully you need to choose a college you can trust. The IHS Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching is academically regulated and industry recognised. Your qualification will be recognised by insurers, registering bodies and other academic institutions. Not only is your qualification well recognised, we provide you with the tools you need to be able to see clients straight away so you can find out from them what particularly interests you. All units are delivered by industry experts and course includes a business coaching unit and comprehensive clinic toolkit so you are ready to practice immediately upon graduation.

It doesn’t end there. After the course, you can join your peers in the IHS Graduate Network for access to continued support, study opportunities, special offers, job opportunities and other resources.

There’s never been a better time to focus on health

More and more people are understanding the need to take personal responsibility for their own health and have become increasingly interested in finding health coaches to help them achieve this. The Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching will equip you with the knowledge to take better care of your own health, your family’s health and build a rewarding career helping others do the same.

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