Simone Gilbert, from the UK Health Coaches Association

The UK Health Coaches Association (UKHCA) is the Professional Body dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of the role of Health Coaching as a credible and accessible model for preventing, and potentially reversing, chronic, lifestyle-related disease.

Simone Gilbert UK Health Coaches Association

About Simone

After ignoring the signs of her own health withering under the strain of both professional and personal pressures, Simone’s life-long interest in health and well-being turned from passion to obsession – and now profession – after desperately searching for alternative ways to recover her own health and that of her daughter.

Through her experience Simone came to see that, in fact, her own health and that of her family was something that she had more control over than she had thought. Upon moving to the UK from Australia she formalised the knowledge gained from years of research and qualified as a Health and Vitality Coach.

Following a successful career in business, Simone now focusses on inspiring and igniting health and happiness by helping people understand how much power they have over their own wellbeing. She works with stressed and anxious men and women who are sick of feeling overwhelmed, are struggling with nagging health concerns and whose energy and confidence are being eroded. She translates her insights, experience and education into providing comprehensive support and a proven methodology that helps her clients understand what is going on behind the loss of control of their well-being. With calm assurance she helps her clients reconnect, reprioritise and rebalance their own needs to optimise both physical and mental wellbeing. She knows – and encourages – the power of “tweaking” daily decisions, not “rehashing” a whole lifestyle, to help her clients reach their goals.

Simone understands and works to the premise that we are each unique, with our own needs and our own goals; there is no “one size fits all”. Thus she helps her clients find their own path to reclaim well-being, energy, enthusiasm and vitality to transform their life of “fine” so they live, look and feel fabulous.

More about the UK Health Coaches Association

Members are fully certified Health Coaches who are specifically trained and experienced in supporting and empowering individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their health one step at a time.

Chronic Lifestyle disease is becoming endemic and the NHS is unable to cope with the demands of a sickening population, creating an impossible burden on resources. People are confused about what is best for them and what they need to do to improve their health. Health Coaching provides a potentially powerful solution to both these issues by cutting through the confusion and providing practical support and advice to help reverse the root causes of chronic, lifestyle-related disease.

The UKHCA is the only UK resource dedicated to the advancement of Health Coaching, and to providing support and advocacy for Health Coaches and their clients. We work to maintain the highest standards and, in collaboration with other engaged stakeholder groups, to make a positive impact on the health of the nation.

What are the Member Benefits?
Starting out in a new career can be a little bit daunting, but we help every step of the way. There are many benefits to being a UK Health Coach Association member. Our aim is to help you get found, heard and booked.

  • Full members will be listed on the website, which we constantly promote as part of our Find a Health Coach campaign to enable potential clients to find our listed coaches. So it’s a great marketing tool to get your name out there.
  • All members can join a private Facebook group to obtain support, share experiences, collaborate and ask questions. Running your own business can be lonely so this is a great way of being part of a community of like-minded people.
  • We run member-only events and networking opportunities to help you learn and improve your skills and knowledge.
  • We can provide advice and support for setting up your health coaching practice, which is particularly important if you have trained with a non-UK based organisation.
  • Full members can choose between different levels of membership, depending on the amount of marketing opportunities you wish to have on your profile.
  • A monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with news and events
  • Access to a monthly members-only Virtual Hub webinar to support you with ongoing professional development
  • Being a member also gives qualified members access to a PR group called PRogress run my our Communications Director Fran (for an additional monthly subscription of £10 per month) this gives you access to many journalist requests and helps you get your articles and blogs in national media, many of our members are now regularly appearing in newspapers and magazines which really is helping to launch their careers!
  • Members can access a variety of discounted services such as a practice management system, insurance and website hosting, saving much of the cost of your membership just on these essential business support services.

How do Irish coaches apply?

I am absolutely thrilled to have this year been able to open our membership to Ireland-based Health Coaches. You are all welcome and can join very simply by clicking here. All that’s required of you is a copy of your certification, insurance confirmation, agree to the Code of Conduct, make payment of your chosen membership levels fee and you are in! I look forward to welcoming a growing number of Irish Coaches.

New ‘associate membership’ Scheme – would this apply to our Nutritional Therapists and graduates from outside of the UK and Ireland?

We are being asked daily from coaches around the globe as well as practitioners of other modalities if they can join the association. Whilst my aim is to be able to accept members from further afield – eventually – at the moment this is not possible. A way of keeping our global coaching connections as well as associated modalities near is by offering an Associate Membership. Details of this level are:

  • £75/year
  • International Health Coaches & Other Health Professionals
  • Associate Members Facebook Group
  • Use of UKHCA Associate Member Logo
  • Access to selected members-only discounted services
  • Access to selected member-only information and resources published by the association

Examples of professions eligible for Associate Membership include: International Health Coach (UK and Ireland based health coaches can apply for Student/Full Membership), a Health Coach from the UK or Ireland that doesn’t reach the required qualification level for full membership, Nutrition Advisor/Therapist, GP, Osteopath, Homeopath, Naturopath, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Reflexologist, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Chinese Practitioner or Herbalist. We reserve the right to cancel your membership if you are not qualified in one of these approved professions. We would therefore love to welcome your Nutritional Therapists into our Associate fold!!!