Graduate Focus – Aisling Brennan, Aisling Brennan Wellness

Aisling Brennan Wellness

My story in health & well-being began over 10 years ago. I was in my late twenties when I knew I wasn’t truly content. Having travelled and worked in IT for over 10 years, the hours were long and demanding and something needed to change. I thought about what I loved, what lit me up and what was I passionate about. I packed up IT and took a career break in 2020 to get some clarity and decide what to do next with my life.

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Graduate Focus, Hayley Purtill-Quin

I am a territory manager and nutritionist for Nature's Plus; a leading manufacturer of vitamins and natural products. Alongside this i practice part-time in my nutrition clinic mainly working with mental health and migraine. I am also a mother, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and am currently on the path to becoming certified as a functional medicine practitioner with the IFM.

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Graduate Focus – Nicola Brady, Nutritional Therapist, The Food Clinic

Nicola Brady The Food Clinic

My journey to becoming a Nutritional Therapist started in 2015, when I left a 20-year career in Marketing and Product Management to embark on a new path. All I knew, at that point, was that I wanted this path to be connected to food. Food and cooking were always my personal go-to strategies to de-stress. Tinkering in the kitchen and having time to prepare and eat something simple but delicious just made me feel good.

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IHS and Nutritics: 5 Ways we Make Accurate, Efficient and Personalised Meal Plans a Piece of Cake

A well trained nutrition professional can put together a varied and nutrient dense plan in their sleep….it’s our bread and butter after all! However, there are some clients that require that little extra from their meal plans, maybe for specific health reasons, performance enhancement or a corporate client to help with product development. These clients need the detailed dietary analysis and super specific meal plans that only hours of manual calculations or a really great dietary analysis software can offer.

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Menstruation Myths

Even though it's something most women experience at some point in their life, periods are a topic that lots of people would rather not discuss openly. With this self-imposed silence, it's no wonder there are a lot of myths surrounding this monthly process.

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Graduate Focus – Leanne Moran, The NLC

Leanne Moran the NLC

Hi – I’m Leanne. I chose to study with IHS as I loved how broad the course was, the range of topics interested me and I liked the focus on science but in a welcoming way. I think it is important that IHS is accredited and is third party checked by Crossfields Institute, so you know that you are held to a high standard of work.

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