Graduate Focus – Leanne Moran, The NLC

Leanne Moran the NLC

Hi – I’m Leanne. I chose to study with IHS as I loved how broad the course was, the range of topics interested me and I liked the focus on science but in a welcoming way. I think it is important that IHS is accredited and is third party checked by Crossfields Institute, so you know that you are held to a high standard of work.

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Wellness Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Wild Women Tea Club

There is no denying it, Christmas is just around the corner. I have no real idea where this year has gone but it’s time to start looking ahead to the festive season and the fun of gift giving. Finding the right gift for the special people in our lives can sometimes feel like a mountain that we need to climb and along the way there can be many pitfalls and traps.

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Diet by Addition

Diet by addition

“I want to feel fit, I want to feel strong, I want to be healthy, and I want to lose weight. Urgh, that must mean that I need to go on some sort of crazy health kick and I’m going to need to diet, which is going to be boring and I won’t be able to eat half of the foods that I actually like.”

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Staying Well This Winter

New Normal

What a crazy few months it has been. One way or another we have all been affected by COVID and the lockdowns that have had to be put into place. Whilst we all had to adjust to a new way of living, with children out of school, home offices suddenly in permanent use, queues to get into the supermarkets, shortages of some foods, and the strange feel of wearing face masks it is now time to adjust again.

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Graduate Focus – Hannah Rushton, Food For Thought Nutrition Coaching

Hannah Rushton

Hannah graduated from IHS in 2019 after completing the Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, having her interest in nutrition sparked by her background in health - she worked for over a decade in the charitable health sector supporting stroke survivors and saw first hand the remarkable power that nutrition and lifestyle can have on chronic disease prevention and recovery.

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