Why I became a Nutritional Therapist, Lynne Dalton

Something I hear a lot from other wellness professionals is how their own health struggles or life changing experiences got them into the space they are in now.

I didn’t have any particular health struggles but there was definitely a pivotal moment. I had a particularly empowering birth experience with my middle daughter and that was my catalyst for change.  I felt invincible and signed up to do the then Dietary Counselling course with IHS.  The rest is history as they say, I was hooked from the very first lecture and before the year was out I was clambering to join the NT diploma class. I also did the sports nutrition module during this time.

Up until I qualified I was working as an accountant and had my feet in both worlds. My heart was obviously with nutrition, but I hadn’t made that full leap.  It took another baby for this to happen and on my maternity leave with number three I closed the door on accountancy and left my secure salaried job!

However, once I knew I had finally found my passion (only took me 20 years!) opportunities just seemed to come my way easily.  I had worked with Ciara Wright, one of the Directors of Glenville Nutrition, on a research paper (Magnesium in Pregnancy, which we subsequently got published)  as part of my literature review for IHS. This got my foot in the door and running their weight loss course then turned into an opportunity to become one of their clinicians.  The experience I gained (and continue to gain) there has been invaluable and I have also had the advantage of mentorship and advice from very experienced NTs alongside access to the latest tests and research.  We specialise in female health and fertility but as we know, it’s not usually only one thing with our clients so digestive wellness, bone health and weight loss would also be key parts of my practice.

I am now also a Personal Tutor with IHS, completely different work which I also love. Its great to feel I may be giving back some of the mentorship and support I have been given over the years.  I am also working my way through the IFM certification process module by module.

My most recent foray is into radio where I have a weekly slot with South Dublin FM.  I get to chat with other NTs and people from the wellness world on a weekly basis.  Building a tribe is a part of being an NT that I love the most.  I started a Facebook group when I began my studies with IHS and this now has 11, 000+ members and is growing daily. The NTOI is a fantastic organisation with great support and knowledge sharing, the CPD events great social and learning opportunities.

If you had said to me 7 years ago that my weekly work diary would contain corporate wellness talks, food demos, clinic appointments, tutoring students, interpreting functional medicine lab tests and hosting a radio show I would have said you were completely insane but yet here I am and loving it all.