Certificate in Functional Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals

IHS has developed this qualification for practitioners already applying the Functional Medicine model to their practice who wish to keep their knowledge up to date

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About the course

This three month certificate course, written to UK level 6 (Irish level 7) covers the very latest information and knowledge on the digestive/absorptive/microbiological, detoxification/biotransformational, hormonal and immunological/inflammatory imbalances as identified by the Functional Medicine model.

The course covers material included in the latest Institute for Functional Medicine conferences. The latest theories surrounding each imbalance will be covered in the morning of each lecture day whilst the afternoon sessions will consist of case studies and discussion around the latest neutriceuticals, novel foods and biomedical tests available to practitioners to allow students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Assessments are case study based so students can gain benefit from working through real life cases with feedback from Nutritional Therapy and functional medicine experts.

“I am a qualified herbalist and holistic therapist, I began my training in 1996 and have continued to do courses almost every year since then. This course was excellent, and hugely helpful to me as a practitioner. The content had real depth and was very interesting, and it was by far the best organised course I have ever attended. I would highly recommend this practitioners course, I believe that the Functional Medicine approach will be the way forward for complementary medicine.”

Margaret, Herbalist and Holistic Therapist, Certificate in Functional Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals

Why choose the Certificate in Functional Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals?

Functional medicine is fast becoming the model of healthcare believed to best address 21st century chronic health concerns. This certificate ensures current healthcare practitioners have the very latest knowledge based on current research on which to inform their practice.

– Course material constantly updated. The IHS academic team regularly attend Functional Medicine conferences in both Europe and the US, ensuring our lecturers teach the very latest research and theories

– Comprehensive and well structured study material supplied. Including ppts, written notes, case studies, video clips, quizzes and short answer questions and chances to reflect on your knowledge all designed to make the learning experience as interactive as possible

– Dynamic and interactive lecture weekends. Designed to suit all learning types and engage students in the learning process. Lecture weekends include a mixture of formal lectures, group discussion and case studies

– Expert lecturers. Lecturers for the IHS Certificate in Functional Nutrition include leading Nutritional Therapists and a medical doctor, all of whom attend Functional Medicine conferences both in Europe and the US, giving our students access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from their first day of study and students will be taught by at least four different lecturers per year to benefit from this.

– The IHS commitment to pastoral care and student support. IHS have a dedicated student support officer employed to help struggling students or those with specific learning difficulties. However we also have procedures in place to ensure all students have access to both staff and peer support whilst studying with IHS

– Use the latest Functional Medicine paperwork. All case studies will be delivered using the latest Functional Medicine paperwork specially designed by experts to allow practitioners to easily and comprehensively interpret complex case studies

– Enhance your current healthcare practice. Ensure your Functional Medicine knowledge and practice is as up to date as possible and that you are using the best research based clinical tools on the market

– A cost effective way of ensuring your healthcare knowledge is cutting edge. Most training based on Functional Medicine principles is expensive and can involve significant travel. IHS have developed this affordable option to ensure more healthcare professionals gain the benefit of this essential information.

What will I study?

The certificate covers the following

– Digestive and absorptive imbalances: The enteric nervous system and its control of gut permeability, roles of bile acids beyond digestive function,biofilms, understanding the interconnected role of specific strains of gastrointestinal bacteria, the role of bowel flora in T cell regulation and the obesity epidemic, the roles of bile acids & bowel flora in breast and colon cancer

– Defence and inflammatory Imbalances: T-Regulatory cells, vitamin D and vitamin A therapy, the gut as the major site of T –regulatory cell induction,indoleamine-2,3 dioygenase activity inhibiting T cell reactivity, TH 17: moving on from the TH 1-TH 2 shift, homocysteine, methylation and the immune system, factors that activate macrophages and their modulation, why the digestive and immune systems cannot be separated out, the concept of tolerance

– Detoxification and Biotransformational Imbalances: Genetic polymorphisms, comprehensive detoxification assessment, phase 3 detoxification, the role of enzymes in the enterocytes in the gut, the evidence basis of potential detoxification treatments

– Hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances: Hormone transport, storage, enzyme and receptor function, detoxification, soy and sex hormone balance, bio identical hormone therapy, the pychoneuroendocrine connection to mood disorders, the adrenals, thyroid and depression link, thyroid hormone resistance, why thyroid medication may not work, iodine, vitamin A and thyroid function


How is this course structured?

The Practitioner Certificate in Functional Nutrition consists of 3 lecture weekends with comprehensive home study material. Each weekend consists of formal lectures on Saturday and Sunday morning, whilst the afternoons are allocated to working through case studies and discussion.

All students are enrolled onto the IHS Learning Management System. Here you will find all course material, forums, quizzes, assessments etc in one place to help you organise your study and study material as efficiently as possible. You will also upload all assessments here and can also use it to communicate directly with module leaders, other members of staff and fellow students.

Entry requirements

Acceptance on the course requires evidence of existing understanding of the key functional medicine imbalances, the functional medicine matrix, antecedents, mediators and triggers. For healthcare professionals without these prerequisites please contact the IHS office for more details on 01 531 1150

Course fees

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