Coaching Skills for Everyday Life

Learn how to transform your mindset and many areas of your life using key ‘coaching’ skills and techniques. Discover why coaching has become such a powerful tool for change.

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About the course

The purpose of this course is simple - to help you & those around you boost your happiness, purpose, productivity & wellbeing. We will introduce you to tools & skills that will support you in developing a positive mind set, effective communication skills, enhanced creativity & an opportunity focused approach to life.

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This course includes powerful, science-based communication and behavioural change strategies designed to help individuals identify and make important and sustainable life changes. It offers proven strategies for exploring and maximising personal strengths, skills, and resources, whilst demonstrating how to effectively work towards achievable and sustainable goals and action steps. It will help you assess where you are and where you want to be from a holistic perspective and focus you on the most important changes required to bridge the gap and enjoy the journey towards your best life.

You will learn:

  • The underpinning theories behind wellness coaching including Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset,
  • Readiness For Change theory and Goal Setting
  • How developing a ‘growth’ and ‘coaching’ mindset can enhance relationships, communication, career and wellness
  • The most important evidence based strategies for building resilience, happiness and a ‘well’ life
  • The key elements of effective communication and how to develop these
  • How to create a well life vision, goals and action steps that will get you where you want to be in life
  • How to assess the appropriateness of individual changes, when and how to make them
  • How to inspire others to reach their own potential and goals
  • How wellness coaching skills can successfully be applied in different personal and professional settings
Course Fees €249
Approximately 50-100 learning hours, study at your own pace

“I have not engaged in any training for a long time and this introduction to coaching skills has been an excellent way to begin again. I have found the course interesting and informative and it has further ignited my passion for health and wellness and helped me focus on taking this further. The course has also helped me personally address my own goals and barriers to achieving these. The material provided in the course was way above my expectations and the access to additional resources is excellent. A fantastic course with excellent support from Suzanne.”

“This course is a little gem. I learnt a lot about myself and some really practical tools and techniques to change elements of my life that are currently not working for me”

“I loved this course. It made me think about how my mindset might be holding me back and how small changes and new habits could make a big difference to how I approach life”

“SO useful – everyone can take something from the material. The content is clear, comprehensive and engaging.”

About your teacher for this course, Suzanne Laurie

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