Nutrition Coaching and Meal Planning

CI Level 4 (UK) Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaches work with their clients to make healthy changes by using a combination of their personalised nutrition and lifestyle expertise along with coaching and communication skills

Starting dates


January 2020

London & Dublin

September 2020

About the course

This internationally recognised and accredited Ofqual regulated UK level 4 (Irish level 6) science based nutrition course is perfectly balanced between science-based theory and practical skill development. In just 10 months you will qualify to support individuals towards healthier lifestyle changes using dietary analysis, meal planning, personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, coaching, consultation skills and more. You will learn:

  • The secrets to longevity and how to apply them to one’s own life and those of others
  • How to create personalised, varied, nutritious and tasty meal plans suitable for a range of clients
  • The strengths and weaknesses of current dietary trends such as Paleo, Mediterranean, intermittent fasting etc
  • How to produce effective and personalised lifestyle recommendations for clients with varying lifestyles and daily demands
  • How to take effective nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions
  • Coaching skills designed to help you motivate and guide your clients towards their own optimum wellness
  • And graduate with an extensive practitioner toolkit, including consultation paperwork, client fact sheets, questionnaires and assessment tools and comprehensive training on how to use them

On your study journey with IHS you will be:

  • Fully supported by an expert personal tutor who is there to guide and help answer any questions that you may have throughout the course
  • Monitored using regular and varied continuous assessments (including case studies) and feedback to effectively build knowledge, confidence and consultation skills. There are no exams
  • On your own journey of self-development! This course can be personally and professionally life-changing for students and those around them!

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“This course is very detailed with a very good mixture of learning resources including video, audio, quizzes, group work with fellow students, practical sessions and using the dietary analysis software with assignments which I enjoyed. Some topics really made me think about what is in the food we buy and the nutrients or potential toxins contained in some food. The course helped me to improve my own diet and lifestyle. The coaching aspect of the course was very interesting and will help me in a better way to assist clients to take responsibility to improve their health with knowledge and guidance. I thought overall tutor support was excellent. I feel confident after this year that I can now apply myself as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach to enhance the health of my clients. Big thanks to the IHS Team to have such dedication to students providing a very high standard and wonderful course” Britta Stewart Dolan, Graduate

What is the difference between a nutrition coach and a health coach?

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Why choose the CI Level 4 (UK) Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching?

  • Our course is designed with your success in mind. It builds knowledge and skills in everything you need to practice, including nutrition, lifestyle management, coaching and career development.
  • IHS’s extensive and expert team of educators and practitioners, here to share their extensive practical knowledge and expertise in nutrition and coaching with you.
  • You will be guided throughout your journey to becoming a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach by your personal tutor, an experienced and practicing nutrition expert.
  • The specially devised course layout and support structure designed to help adult learners accommodate study alongside an already busy life including regular webinars and tutorials.
  • Assurance of academic quality. This course is regulated by OFQUAL (UK level 4) and on the UK education framework, ensuring you can be confident in the quality and recognition of your course.
  • Our up to date, research based, practical course material means IHS graduates can be confident in the quality of service they provide to clients.
  • The comprehensive practitioner toolkit you will receive on graduation designed to help kick start your career and practice.
  • To become part of our growing global Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching community.
  • Take advantage of the support and networking opportunities provided after graduation from Facebook groups and newsletters to CPD courses and networking events.
  • Graduates in the UK, Ireland and many other European countries can easily register and insure themselves to practice as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach upon graduation.

IHS graduate confident and competent graduates ready for a successful career as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

“It is amazing how alert and energised I feel since beginning the program. I found picking a small number of goals to start and increasing them as the weeks passed less overwhelming and easier to follow through. Lynne e-mailed and texted to see how I was getting on as the weeks progressed. Also sending on some interesting recipes and the introduction of coconut oil which is a big hit with not just me but the rest of the family. My starting weight was 187lbs. within the two months it’s down to 174lbs.” Testimonial of Arlene, Client of Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Graduate

How do I know if this online nutrition course is right for me?

Student & Graduate Testimonials

What will I study?

  • Introduction to Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Food Groups
  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients and Phytonutrients
  • Energy Balance
  • Farm to Fork: Food Production and Quality
  • Optimising Nutrition in Practice
  • Nutrition for Wellness and Longevity
  • Lifestyle for Wellness and Longevity
  • Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle for Individuals
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching in Practice
  • Building a Successful NLC Career

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How is this course structured?

The CI Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching can be completed in-class, online or a mixture of the two (blended learning)


Starting in September and with 12 lecture days in both Dublin and London, this is the most popular way of completing the Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.

Online & Blended Learning

With 3 available starting slots – September, January and May – studying online or via blended learning gives the flexibility to study wherever you are.

*New for those commencing studies in 2019*

Online students can attend as many lecture weekends in either Dublin or London as they wish for no extra charge – those starting in February or May are welcome to attend later lectures for revision purposes, as lectures run with the September intake.

Study Hours Required

10+ per week (including webinars, lecture weekends, assessments, etc).

What if I need to put the course on hold?

Simply finish the unit you are on, take the time you need and then join a later cohort – just as long as you’re back within 2 years, this is no problem!

Entry requirements

This is a lifelong learning qualification and students are accepted through a combination of academic qualifications and relevant life experience

Normal minimum entry requirements

The minimum academic entry requirement for this nutrition certification is 4 grade Cs (preferably including a science subject) at Leaving Certificate or 4 GCSEs grades A to C (preferably including a science subject). Equivalent international qualifications will also be accepted.

Prior Learning and Prior Experiential Learning

All knowledge, skills and competencies accumulated through life and work experience will be considered.

Interview required for this course

Course fees

In class

Pay Monthly Total: €3495 / £2995

1 or 2 payments: €3295 / £2795


Pay Monthly Total: €3495 / £2995

1 or 2 payments: €3295 / £2795

Includes €395 / £395 enrolment fee, not including dietary analysis software – special discounted rate for IHS students