Dr Jeffrey Bland Conference – Sponsorship News – Is Mag365 Bone Formula the supplement for me?

MAG365 BF is formulated to help you absorb the calcium you obtain in your diet and contribute to the maintenance of normal healthy bones, formulated with a vegan D3, K2 MK-7, Vitamin B6 and ionic Magnesium, Boron, Potassium and Zinc

The process of bone formation, muscle repair and enamel mineralization, requires an adequate and constant supply of the following nutrients; calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D & potassium.

Research shows the supplementation of Calcium alone without sufficient levels of Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 to enhance calcium absorption can trigger a series of events leading to further bone loss.

Musculoskeletal conditions
Muscle spasms, cramps and chronic back and neck pain may be caused by Magnesium deficiency. Calcium makes muscles contract while Magnesium is necessary for muscles to relax. Therefore, supplements with a good balance between Calcium and Magnesium have shown to help a lot of people with these musculoskeletal conditions.

Nerve problems
Magnesium has been shown to alleviate peripheral nerve disturbances throughout the whole body, such as muscle contractions, migraines, calf, foot or toe cramps and gastrointestinal spasms.

Raynaud’s Syndrome
Magnesium helps relax any constriction of blood vessels that may cause numbness and pain of the fingers especially in the colder winter months.

Tooth Decay
Magnesium deficiency causes an unhealthy balance of calcium and phosphorus in the saliva, which damages teeth.

What to do
Add 1 teaspoon of MAG365 BF powder into half a mug of hot/warm water and watch it fizz. This is when the MAG365 BF activates and become highly bioavailable to the body. Top up your mug with some cold water and sip.
A good time to drink MAG365 BF is before bed to help your body unwind and relax after a long day.


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