Dr Jeffrey Bland Conference – Sponsorship News – UltraClear Range Formulated By Dr Jeffrey Bland

Nutri Advanced are a leading nutritional supplements company, the number 1 choice for practitioners in the UK.

In 1981, naturopath Norman Eddie and his son Ken established their family business and set out to raise awareness among health professionals about the benefits of nutritional supplements. As word of mouth spread, the natural health industry developed and Nutri Advanced began to win the trust of practitioners across the country. Nutri Advanced, now headed by Ken Eddie, has been challenging the conventions of mainstream medicine, offering cutting edge supplements and providing an unrivalled level of customer support for over 35 years, positioning itself as a pioneer in the nutrition field. Nutri Advanced launched its Irish business in 2017 exclusively to practitioners which has gone from strength to strength and is led by experienced sales manager Sandra O’Connell ND Dip Ap Sci (Naturopathy).

UltraClear Range Formulated By Dr Jeffrey Bland

UltraClear Plus pH is Nutri Advanced’s metabolic food for liver support and clearance. The ground-breaking UltraClear range of products was first formulated by Dr Jeffrey Bland in the mid-1990s as knowledge of how nutrients can influence detoxification systems began to emerge during this time. Dr Bland and his team recognised the importance of balancing the phase I and phase II detoxification pathways in the liver, and years of research and studies on a number of formulations resulted in the UltraClear range of products. As unique now as it was 25 years ago, UltraClear Plus pH supports healthy liver clearance processes and provides support for energy levels, and also assists with the excretion of toxins through the kidneys.

Following the development of UltraClear, came the rest of the metabolic foods including UltraClear Sustain, which was specifically formulated to provide targeted gastrointestinal support, especially for the gastric mucosa with the inclusion of l-glutamine; and UltraInflamX, which contains a comprehensive range of nutrients and herbs including rosemary, ginger, turmeric, Boswellia, NAC, rutin and quercetin, providing support for those with inflammation.

The metabolic foods remain some of Nutri Advanced’s most popular formulations and have helped practitioners to support countless numbers of patients in the last 25 years. We are very excited to see Dr Bland return to the UK and Ireland this coming June and look forward to supporting the IHS event.

UltrClear Sustain