The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started

You may be aware that our next Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching course starts soon - but did you know that now is the best time to get started? Here's why....

Ease yourself in

When you study your passion, you barely notice the hours go by. For people trying to fit those hours around work and family, building good habits is key. If you sign up and pay the minimum fee this March, you get our Coaching Skills for Everyday Life course for FREE. You can give yourself time to trial study routines, while you learn how to bring a positive, productive and ‘can-do’ mindset into everyday using key Coaching Skills and techniques. Not only that, come April you get access to our pre-course (optional) material exploring relevant content and self-development skills such as finding out your study preferences and developing a growth mindset.



Who doesn’t love something free? If you sign up and pay more than the minimum by Thursday 31 March 2022, we have even more for you! You can have Dietary Analysis Software, required for the course, free for 12 months. Your access will start when you need the software in the course, so you’ll have a few extra months at the end as you start work as a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach.

Not enough? If you’re able to pay up front or by semester, you could save up to €300 or £300 off your fees! Prefer monthly payments? The earlier you sign up the more payment options we offer. Each monthly payment could be over €40 / £40 less, just by starting early.*

* Total payment does not change, we are providing the opportunity reduce the monthly amount with a longer payment term.



Build your community

You’re never alone when studying with IHS. Come May you will be working with a team of personal tutors and unit leaders. Your learning material will be supported with live webinars, online lectures and Q&A sessions. Learning online does not mean automation and robots when you’re with IHS. What’s more, is we actively encourage you to engage with your fellow students. Once we have received the first payment from you, you can be added to our learning platform where you can also start meet your soon-to-be classmates and share exciting discussion with like-minded people.


Don’t worry if you need to take a break from your studies

With 3 intakes a year, feel secure that you can pause your studies and come back in a few months to carry on (completion of course required within 2 years of your original start date).

Take the next step today

You’re welcome to pick up the phone to us any time, or try to get us on the webchat anywhere on our website. We’re happy to work with you, now and on the course.