Graduate Focus – Aisling Brennan, Aisling Brennan Wellness

My story in health & well-being began over 10 years ago. I was in my late twenties when I knew I wasn’t truly content. Having travelled and worked in IT for over 10 years, the hours were long and demanding and something needed to change. I thought about what I loved, what lit me up and what was I passionate about. I packed up IT and took a career break in 2020 to get some clarity and decide what to do next with my life.

Aisling Brennan Wellness

I always had an interest in health and wellness and a good relationship with food. I ate really nutritious food supplying vitamins & minerals to my body and mind. I could see the positive impact it had and knew then that I wanted to share how I felt and help people realise how food, movement, sleep, and how you think has a huge impact on your overall health. So I signed up for my first of many yoga courses and started my Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching with IHS.

IHS are wonderful teachers. They really simplified the NLC course, made it interesting and really interactive. I enjoyed NLC so much that I started my Diploma in Nutritional Therapy in September 2021 and it is going really well so far. IHS are professional teachers and their energy just connects with me. I consider myself fortunate to have found to them and would recommend IHS to anybody thinking of starting a career in nutrition.

Currently I am teaching yoga for corporate companies, along with private and group classes and children classes. As a nutrition and health coach, I see clients regularly through my nutrition clinic. I have helped guide and inspire my clients to reach their health goals, whether it is better sleep, boosting energy, losing weight, easing digestion problems, managing stress and learning the true benefits of eating real food. My mission is to help people become the best version of themselves, and become the architect of their own health.

For more information you can find me on Instagram @aislingbrennanwellness or check out my website