Graduate Focus – BJ Broderick from Wellnice Pops

BJ completed the Health & Wellness Coaching course with IHS and together with her friend Trin they created Wellnice Pops - a range of deliciously healthy ice pops made from 100% cold pressed vegetable & fruit juice.

We caught up with BJ this month to have a quick chat about her new business with Trin, what an average day looks like and how studying with IHS has helped her along the way. What’s more, BJ and Trin have given us two tickets to giveaway to Vegfest which is taking place in Dublin in September so for your chance to win just check out our Facebook page.

How did Wellnice Pops start?

I was just coming to the end of my studies and realised that working with clients 1 to 1 might not be for me. Before signing up for IHS, I owned a café and a health food shop so it’s fair to say I always had a huge interest in food. It made sense to me that I should somehow try and combine my two passions – health and food! I started to keep an eye on food trends and after a while noticed that despite being at the centre of every healthy diet, very little had been done with vegetables. I thought it would be really great to create something fun that would help to change the bad rap vegetables often get…and so the idea for Wellnice Pops was born and the rest is history, as they say, and Trin and I registered the company in 2015.

What does your average day look like?

Truth be told, there really is no such thing as an average day and I think that’s one of the things I really love. In the course of any given week, you can find us testing batches on the factory floor, calling to visit our stockists or sitting in Buyers/Mentor/Investment meetings!! On another day, I might be on my laptop at home answering emails and doing social media. This is a particularly busy time of year for us and most weekends we have an event or festival, which we really enjoy.

How has studying at IHS helped with setting up the business?

I loved my time at IHS and wouldn’t rule out going back again in the future. Throughout the course, we were made aware of the many different routes we could take on qualification. Since setting up Wellnice Pops, the IHS team have been incredibly supportive and we’re very grateful for that. It was brilliant for us to get the opportunity to come in and do a tasting with students and I also loved chatting with Catherine about my entrepreneurial journey so far.

Why would you recommend IHS to a friend?

IHS is a fantastic college. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate and there is so much support available, to both students and alumni. The course content is second to none and you will get the opportunity to study at a really in-depth level – meaning that you leave not only with a qualification but with the confidence to use it as you see fit! It’s an amazing network and one that I am very proud to be part of.