Graduate Focus – Chris Peare, Green Lemon Nutrition

Chris graduated from the IHS Nutritional Therapy Diploma in 2017

Chris Peare

It was a tough four years juggling college, a full-time job and a family but it was so worth it. I was the only fully plant-based person in the class which definitely made me a minority. The IHS lecturers were very supportive of me despite having different opinions in some areas of nutrition. I was encouraged to do what I believed in and inspired to enter in to the niche of plant-based nutritional therapy. In our final year we started seeing clients under the supervision of IHS mentors. My client was an animal lover and wanted to go completely vegan. However, he was not looking after himself nutritionally and was finding life very difficult in many ways. By our last session he was like a different person, super healthy and full of life. It felt amazing to help someone in this way, so I just had to keep going. He gave me an amazing testimonial.

“Having Chris as diet expert was life-changing. Going to someone who wasn’t into a plant-based diet wouldn’t have worked for me. Chris dives straight in with enthusiasm and belief. He’s essential for anyone trying to live their lives without meat. His tips, suggestions and support are all-encompassing. To say he’s got a holistic approach is an understatement.”

I first became passionate about nutrition when I started to see real success in my own personal health and weight loss. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I put on a lot of weight which was very damaging to my health. I was addicted to junk food and I added sugar to almost everything. I was 32kg heavier than I am now. I tried everything I could to lose the weight including low carb diets, high protein diets, high fat diets and everything in-between. I went to nutrition professionals and weight loss clinics but nothing seemed to work. There would always be an initial weight loss but I could never maintain it. It wasn’t until I changed from a weight loss mind set to a health mind set that things started to change for me. I focussed on foods that would bring me energy not foods that would take energy away. I started with a daily green juice and it made the world of difference. I gradually started increasing my intake of plant foods and I just felt better and better. This inspired me to go back to college so that I could support and educate people in a way that was not available to me.

A day in my life is very varied. When I started studying at IHS I was working in marketing for a large soft drinks company. I am now the Head of New Business and Product Marketing for a well-known Irish plant-based health food brand. My knowledge of nutrition and health is so aligned with my job as customers and retailers can trust that I am giving them great, fact-based advice. Just yesterday I was giving one UK consumer advice on ways to improve his diabetes, and another consumer advice on recipes that she can make for her child who is allergic to almost everything that a person can be allergic to. This is a really rewarding experience.

The other half of my time is spent on Green Lemon Nutrition where I have a number of clients, all of whom have different health goals to achieve. I am currently working with an international athlete who is trying to trim down and improve his energy, digestion and recovery. I have a student client who wants to go completely plant-based while ensuring that she is getting all the nutrients that she needs to train for her first marathon. Another client’s goals were to lose weight and cure a 15-year heart burn problem, both of which he achieved with my support. I am currently working with clients in the UK and Ireland. All a client needs is a connection to the internet and the commitment to make the changes necessary to help them maximise their health and achieve their goals.

I also contribute recipes and blogs to company newsletters on topics such as eating for energy, eating healthy on a budget, thanksgiving, Christmas and many other things. I love this as it is a great way to educate and spread the message of health to as many people as possible.

Clients don’t need to be plant based, nor do they have to become plant based when working with me at Green Lemon. I have the knowledge, experience and coaching skills to help people get the results they want. In Green Lemon I take on fewer clients and give them extra support in 3-month programs. We connect weekly and use nutrition, mindset and accountability to accomplish the results that we set out to achieve. This makes the process dynamic. Changes can be made quickly to allow for continued progress while the client knows that the support is available when they need it.

If you have health goals that you want to achieve, and you are looking for the support to help you get there, contact me through my web site or on Instagram or Facebook.
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