Graduate Focus – Emer Mullarkey, Soulful Living

Emer is finalising her qualification with the IHS with the Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching. She is the founder of Soulful Living (Coaching, Shiatsu & mindful movement through Qigong & yoga), a mindfulness practitioner and teacher.

Emer Mullarkey

Emer is qualified in Shiatsu nutritional support and medicinal massage. She’s a senior instructor and teacher trainer with The Irish Health Qigong Association and a qualified yoga teacher. Soulful Living focus is on empowering clients in making healthy nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices tailored to their needs.

“I am especially interested in resiliency building, stress reduction and the transformation that my practices offer. I offer face to face consultations, classes along with online consultations in coaching and shiatsu nutritional advice tailored to the clients’ needs. I see clients in Mayo, Galway and online internationally. I have recently launched an online “Strengthening Self-Care and Immunity course” along with a course in “Nourishing and Strengthening all of your organs through Chinese Medicine nutrition, mindful movement and shiatsu self massage”. These online courses make wellbeing easily accessible and have been particularly important to people suffering from mental strain and touch deprivation as a result of Covid 19. I run wellness workshops and wellbeing retreats both in Ireland and abroad.

I am passionate about health and wellbeing coaching and have decided to carry out further postgraduate doctoral research to explore further possibilities within health and wellbeing coaching and within Shiatsu development. I did a postgraduate qualification in Advanced Energy Therapy and am tutored by Clifford and Dinah John in England. They are international experts in shiatsu who trained with the renowned Pauline Sasaki (a student of both Masunaga and Kishi-the founding Masters of shiatsu.) I also engage in continual further training and tutoring with other international experts in shiatsu including weekly tutoring with the President of the European Association of Shiatsu.

I have taught for many years at different levels since I graduated from Trinity College Dublin. I went on to do a masters through French at the Sorbonne University in Paris. My interest in health and wellbeing came about after a health scare that made me realise that there are certain things currently missing within the health system and that there is a lack of awareness around the importance of nutrition, medicinal touch and lifestyle choices. I decided through taking responsibility for my own health recovery that I wanted to be the change. I succeeded in wonderful health recovery. I was grateful to discover shiatsu (akin to acupuncture but mindful, nourishing touch replaces needles) and coaching and truly found what I was looking for. I realised that Chinese Medicine has so much ancient wisdom of the body that really looks at the body more in its entirety. I found the consultations being asked about diet, sleep patterns and general lifestyle very thorough, reassuring and effective. Shiatsu gave me wonderful tools in relation to great wellbeing and health. My subsequent training and current work confirm my deep interest and even passion for Chinese medicine. As Dr. Daniel Mckeon who is a UK based GP and Chinese Medicine practitioner would say ‘Western medicine is pretty philosophically bankrupt and I say that as a doctor. I feel the Chinese devised a structure 2,000 years ago that I find entirely reliable and that we can really learn a lot from.…. Physical touch is one of the most caring things you can give to a patient and is as fundamental as water and food’. This is particularly important for us to remember in these Covid times. As a result of lockdown and social distancing, many will now be touch deprived. This really motivated me in creating my course in Strengthening self-care and immunity where shiatsu self-massage is an integral part of the course and so crucial in client wellbeing. It has been very helpful and supportive to clients. It’s not a case of deeming that Chinese Medicine is somehow better than western medicine but it is a question of finding what is lacking currently within the current healthcare system and looking at other systems to see how they can best compliment and learn from one another. I find a huge sense of satisfaction in helping people bring more wellbeing and joy into their lives. I am passionate about providing great healthcare.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying with the IHS and really recommend them. Reading materials are informative and well structured, there is up to date evidence-based course content and inspiring and supportive tutoring and feedback. I really couldn’t fault the course or the college in any way and am so glad that I did this course in Health and Wellness Coaching with this college. It was all very professional and satisfying. Guidance is clear, thorough and straightforward. If you are thinking about this course in Health and Wellness Coaching, don’t hesitate just do it. You won’t regret it.

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Upcoming Online Retreat: July 19th 10.00-14.00 Meditation, Mindful movement (Qigong & yoga) and some coaching around creating more wellness in your life Contact 00353 (0)83 4631710 to book.

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