Graduate Focus – Jamie Harnett, Diploma in Nutritional Therapy

I’m Jamie originally from Dublin. I graduated from IHS as a Nutritional Therapist in November 2021. I completed my undergraduate degree in Business & Economics from Trinity College and am currently working as an Associate Director at an Irish recruitment agency where I am responsible for Marketing and staff wellbeing.

I became really interested in Nutrition and it’s vital importance in health and wellbeing when I was living in Canada working remotely in my mid-thirties. I had quit smoking and started gaining weight so started paying more attention to what I was eating and the effect it had on my body. I started listening to loads of different podcasts, videos and consuming countless audiobooks on the subject. The more I found out I more I wanted to learn.

When I moved back to Ireland in 2016 I signed up to study at IHS so I could learn more in this area and get a qualification in the Nutrition field. I knew someone who had just graduated as an NT from IHS and she highly recommended it. My plan was never to do one-to-one consultations but to open a wellness centre overseas offering yoga, wellness and nutrition and I wanted to have a qualification which would be credible for my clients. I felt that this 4 year Nutritional Therapy qualification from IHS ticked that box.

I found the course content really interesting and well laid out. Of course it was also quite challenging while doing a full time job, but I really enjoyed it. I loved the different lecturers who would share their clinical pearls and cases with us, and taught us really well. We had a great and supportive class.

Having spend the 4th year doing Clinical Practice, I was surprised how much I really enjoyed doing one to one consultations and having a client come back telling you that there have been improvements in how they were feeling or that your plan had made a difference in their life is quite an amazing feeling.

With Covid, I am currently lucky enough to be working remotely in Barbados since January 2021 so at the moment I am focusing on my day job who allow me work here, and want to enjoy the sun and my free time after 4 years of study. I plan to launch a wellness business in summer 2022 from over here.