Graduate Focus – Juanita Griffin: Little Spoons of Happiness

This month we had a catch up with Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching graduate Juanita Griffin who uses her skills and knowledge to run workshops and help clients.....and who accidentally became vegan along the way.

Juanita Griffin Little Spoons of Happiness

“It was during my mid-life crisis I made the life changing decision to go back to school. I have been a hairdresser for over 22 years and had become very uninspired over the years. My true happy place has always been with food. At the ripe young age of 39 I had decided it was time to do something about it as I feared life was going to pass me by. Looking back, studying with the Institute of Health Sciences was the best gift I could have given myself, as it not only changed my life but also the life of my family. It was when I was studying to become a Nutrition and Lifestyle coach I accidentally became Vegan! – what started out as an experiment ignited a flame in my belly. My passion for healthy plant-based eating came ALIVE. I have always had an interest in cooking and eating really, I just love my food but whilst studying I became obsessed with the power of plants and plant-based nutrition – particularly how it effects our health and well-being. The course does not advocate veganism but does encourage higher consumption of plant-based foods based on research suggesting that higher plant intake is linked with lower levels of chronic disease and increased longevity.

Once I learnt the relationship between food and health, along with the possible links between the consumption of poor quality animal products and chronic illnesses, I knew I had to share it.

So was born ‘Little Spoons of Happiness’.

When I first made the switch to eating plant-based, if I’m totally honest, I feared my diet would equate to depriving myself and never having my favourite foods ever again. But once I began exploring plant-based recipes and started cooking up a storm, making colossal messes in the kitchen and using my family as my test subjects, I realised that’s not the case at all. We aren’t missing out on a thing, I’m just replacing ingredients I would normally use with plant-based ones. So we are still able to enjoy all our families favourite recipes. I have discovered a whole new world of flavours and I definitely have a new found respect for food. There really is an alternative for everything, it’s just a matter of knowing what to replace your normal everyday grocery items with, and it then soon becomes as normal as your weekly haul always was.

I now run workshops teaching exactly that, alongside one on one consultations on healthy plant-based cooking, inspiring people to think outside the box and introduce more fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, seeds, nuts and novel foods into their daily diets. I also shatter the myths on plant-based food being boring old tofu and lettuce! My qualification as a Nutrition and lifestyle Coach with IHS has given me such confidence when working with the public. My nutrition knowledge allows me to support my clients and students with any questions they have, along with being able to pass on my expertise and advice, making a real difference in people’s lives. When I think back before I started my Diploma I didn’t even know what a macronutrient was? The knowledge I have gained through my Diploma is incredible, I couldn’t recommend studying with IHS highly enough.

My mission moving forward as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach is to encourage and empower people to take CONTROL of their own lives, along with creating a sustainable attitude towards optimum health. Getting peoples butts back into the kitchen I believe is a great place to start! Bringing it back to basics with good ole home cooked food. I’m the happiest accidental Vegan that ever was and my mission at Little Spoons of Happiness is not to try and convert you to go Vegan – rather to educate you in what I know in the world of nutrition and seduce you with the most mouth-watering plant-based recipes.

Thank you IHS xx”

Have a look at Juanita’s website Little Spoons of Happiness, check out her Facebook page and follow her on Instagram