Graduate Focus – Kalpesh Rathod Potential 360

Kalpesh graduated from the IHS Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching in early 2020. He created Potential 360 to help those who have struggled to feel well due to chronic conditions, weight gain, and low energy. His focus is on supporting the overall bodily systems of clients and working with them to reach their full potential.

Kalpesh Rathod potential 360

“My journey to become a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach started over 10 years ago after I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune condition that affects the thyroid. After taking a functional medicine approach to my health, studying nutrition, and trying safe lifestyle interventions I turned my own health around. I tackled brain fog, weight gain, low energy, motivation, and low mood and now feel the best that I ever have.

I learnt the hard way about what worked and what did not with my health and now I want to use nutrition and lifestyle coaching to help others to find what works for them with a little guidance but on their own terms.

As well as my health journey, I had a family history of autoimmune conditions, diabetes, and kidney issues. I had seen first-hand what great nutrition and lifestyle practices such as exercise, mindfulness, meditation and eating whole, real food had in empowering people to feel better.

Choosing the right avenue for my studies was a tough task. I had been well inducted into the world of nutrition but felt I needed a deeper, grounded and science-based foundation to really feel confident in helping others.

With so many nutrition courses and options available, I looked for schools that could provide regulated training. For me, a good grounding in both nutrition science and modern functional medicine was important. When I attended an IHS taster session I could see that this was fundamental to the way they structured their courses, and from then on, I knew that this would be my first step.

Previously, I had not really contemplated a full-time role as a NLC. I always knew that I wanted to enhance my own knowledge. However, over the last few years I’ve realised that empowering and helping others with nutrition and lifestyle support and guidance is something I really enjoy. Working with my initial clients and seeing them make lasting changes and feel better about themselves has been fantastic.

I’ve been able to bring my existing skills from my current career in the design industry to what I do as a NLC. I’m focusing on communicating effectively and inspiring change to empower others and take the first step with guided and personalised support.

I’ve learnt so much with IHS and I continue to use what I’ve learnt as I start my role as a new NLC. Potential 360 is still in its infancy but I hope to help many others take a 360 look at diet and lifestyle for sustainable change.

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