Graduate Focus – Karen O’Connor

Karen recently graduated with the CI Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching from IHS

As a Women’s Weight Loss Mentor, I carry out 1 to 1 consultations and group coaching.

I help women who have been struggling with their weight and eating habits for years. I teach and empower women to become a healthier version of themselves by transforming their nutrition and lifestyle habits and behaviours for the long term, all in favour of health, happiness and ideal body weight.

I carry out 1 to 1 consultations via FaceTime and Skype and currently run a 6 week programme. The initial consultation takes one and a half hours and each week I follow up with a 40 minute chat where together we explore goals, discuss what has worked, was has not worked and we set new goals. Some of my clients opt for the weekly group coaching sessions while some prefer the 1 to 1 consultations.

Within two months of setting up my own business I was invited to give a Health and Wellness talk at a Women’s Event called ‘Become’ which was a self-love masterclass. From this I got great exposure and it helped me to enrol lots of new clients into my programme!

I am also a qualified school teacher and I will be running a Healthy Eating Week at my local primary school soon. I hope to do more work within schools as I am passionate about inspiring the next generation and I am currently working on a couple of relevant projects.

The NLC qualification from IHS Ireland has helped me so much. It has given me the confidence and tools to set up my own on-line business. It also enabled me to become a member of The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. I really did not envision myself setting up my own busy and successful business within a couple of months of graduating from IHS! As my business is mostly online I have very few overheads, apart from my insurance and website fees. I have given up my teaching job and am now devoting all of my time and energy to my new business. It is hard work and takes dedication but because I enjoy it so much, it doesn’t feel like work. As the saying goes, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”.