Graduate Focus – Leanne Moran, The NLC

Hi – I’m Leanne. I chose to study with IHS as I loved how broad the course was, the range of topics interested me and I liked the focus on science but in a welcoming way. I think it is important that IHS is accredited and is third party checked by Crossfields Institute, so you know that you are held to a high standard of work.

Leanne Moran the NLC

There are so many nutrition courses out there at the moment, some you can be “qualified” within a few weeks, which I knew wasn’t for me. I had checked out dietetics in Ireland but it wasn’t feasible as I work full time so studying part time was the only option, the online tutorials and support throughout the diploma was great. I signed up quite late so I missed the open day, but during the phone interview it was great to talk to a member of the team and get a feeling for the culture of the college, it was also helpful to see some of the course layout in the tester unit.

The coaching elements of the Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching course were a real eye opener, I had never come across coaching before then and fell in love with it during the course, behaviour change is something that really interests me. I feel the qualification with IHS and the course teaching style has helped me continually develop as a practitioner even after the course is finished, the focus on being open minded, using evidence-based information, safety with clients, adopting a food & lifestyle approach first, getting to the root cause of clients concerns and the importance of regular self-reflection to see where I can improve, is so beneficial – I really feel I am set up for life by practicing this way, and I will be always striving to offer the best service for clients, no cutting corners in any way.

At the moment I am still working full time while I finish my nutritional therapy diploma, so I only work with a limited amount of coaching clients each month. My work with clients and my passion is all to do with regaining energy and hormonal health.

I feel having good energy & using our diet and lifestyle to promote hormonal health is the key to a happy life and one where you can be your best, feel in control and take charge, but day-to-day I see a lot of people struggling. Struggling to get out of bed in the morning, struggling through the day and then struggling to get asleep.

Low energy has such a negative impact on our daily lives. When we are low in energy we end up making bad food choices, using energy drinks and sugar to keep us going, using alcohol to wind-down, it affects our hormones, digestion, stress levels and all of this combined ultimately leaves us feeling worse, damaging our sleep, affecting our hormones, our immune system, causing weight gain or loss, low mood and lost motivation – it really is a negative cycle.

Apart from energy, female hormonal health and period cycle tracking is my other passion, which really links directly back to having energy, motivation, and feeling in control.

So many women I know, and clients that come to me are feeling scattered and burnt out, they are up one minute and down the next. They are irritable, snappy, with uncontrollable cravings, bloating, PMS, their sex drive is gone, all of this combined then makes them feel low, guilty and unmotivated. It is quite the rollercoaster as you can imagine, and can make you feel totally out of control. Which is why I love using cycle tracking with clients, and teaching them the tools to use to bring them back to feeling their best and feeling in control. Because ultimately, I can work with them on specific diet and lifestyle changes but cycle tracking allows them to take matters into their own hands and work through any life phases or challenges that come up, it is a really empowering experience and amazing to see the changes that can happen naturally once you are aware of your own unique patterns.

I am active on Instagram so come say hi @leannemoran_com or visit my website