Graduate Focus – Michael Moynihan, Mike My Health and Wellness

I completed the Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching and Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching with IHS in 2021 and currently studying towards the Diploma in Nutritional Therapy.

I always had a keen interest in health and nutrition, the healing properties it brings with it and firmly believes that with a good diet and lifestyle, we can improve our health and help protect ourselves against future illness.

I also really enjoy working with people to enable them to make the link between what they eat and how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally. I find supporting individuals to regain control over their health and the life-changing benefits that brings can be very rewarding. That is what has led me to leaving the corporate world and working currently as a Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach

My story: I spent over 15 years in the corporate world, in the financial crime field, and it was so completely at odds with the health-conscious and healthy person I wanted to be.

This was at a time in my life when I gained an incredible amount of weight although I was hitting the gym daily and not eating all that badly. I was travelling a lot for work; I had worked my way up the career ladder and had set up my own consultancy business.

And while the career and lifestyle seemed very glamorous from the outside, I found that I was constantly tired and exhausted and no longer satisfied with my lifestyle and my health. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and my eating habits, I knew I needed to lose weight and to reclaim my health. I started to make small dietary and lifestyle changes and very soon I started to see the results: more energy, improved sleep, healthier skin, more stable digestion and the weight was finally coming off. Through this very personal experience, I found a new way of life and a reminder that health and nutrition was something I was always passionate about – and I suppose this is what led me to get into the field I’m in today.

The great thing about IHS is not only do you get an education, but you also get the practical skills and tools to apply in the real world. There is real support and a real sense of community as well. The staff are exceptional, they have great knowledge and are professional, but what I like most is they bring their own personalities to the role, and there is a real human touch to their approach, which makes the educational experience all that more enjoyable. I enjoyed the Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching – and the approach by IHS – so much that I decided to continue with the Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. At first, I was concerned with not having a science background, however the support and the practical approach to teaching by IHS is making it very enjoyable. I am so glad I continued. Having the additional knowledge is also supporting me when coaching clients as I can provide them with some useful information that I have learned by continuing my studies. I see Nutrition & Wellness as one of the growth areas of the future, just look at the number of jobs in the UK and the USA currently in this field, therefore by completing the Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, it further enhances my skills and allows for many different opportunities in the future. I strongly believe it important to keep your options open and to have the growth mindset, continue to do what you are passionate about, and this is what has led me to continue my studies. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of continuing their studies.

I would also highly recommend IHS as my experience of studying with them and leaving the corporate world and focusing on helping others optimise their health through nutrition and lifestyle changes is a move I’m so glad I made.

It has enabled me to pursue a career in which guiding people towards personal goal achievement brings its own rewards and it’s not just a job but a way of life which I love.

For more information you can find me on Instagram @mikemy13 or check out my website, Helping you Create your own Happiness