Graduate Focus – Nicola Brady, Nutritional Therapist, The Food Clinic

My journey to becoming a Nutritional Therapist started in 2015, when I left a 20-year career in Marketing and Product Management to embark on a new path. All I knew, at that point, was that I wanted this path to be connected to food. Food and cooking were always my personal go-to strategies to de-stress. Tinkering in the kitchen and having time to prepare and eat something simple but delicious just made me feel good.

Nicola Brady The Food Clinic

My first step was to immerse myself in twelve weeks of full-time Professional Cookery in Dublin Cookery School in Blackrock. I loved the intensity of this experience but I still wanted to extend my knowledge of food to the role it plays in our health. I started an online QQI Nutrition course, which confirmed for me that there was so much more I needed to understand. In 2016, I joined the Institute of Health Sciences as a Nutritional Therapy student to continue my studies, meeting a fantastic group of students and tutors. I’ve heard many before me talking about the idea of meeting your tribe, and this was true for me too. You meet such a diverse group of people in a college like IHS, but you feel connected to them very quickly.

While studying with IHS, I established my first business, a small cookery school ‘Kids Kitchen’, which I ran from my home, offering after-school classes, cookery camps and cookery demonstrations. After two years, this cookery business came to a natural end, as the focus on my own health had resulted in a surprise addition to my family, the amazing gift of a third child at aged 45. Patrick joined our family just before my Nutritional Therapy licence to practice exam and clinical practice, so he was an integral part of my education journey with IHS.

I graduated as a NT in 2019 and set up my second business ‘The Food Clinic’. Since then, I’ve been involved in a range of work including one-to-one nutrition consultations for individual and corporate clients, group talks, workshops and cookery demonstrations. I also work with a local PLC college providing one to one and small group tutoring for students who need a little extra support. I’m still trying to figure out my niche area, but I love working with children and teens, and I have a specific interest in the areas of intolerances and allergies, gut health and cardiovascular health. My journey has taught me that it is never too late to change direction. I love the work life balance that I have managed to develop and I feel very grateful to work in an area that enables me to continually learn and grow.

Nicola Brady, Dip NT IHS