Graduate Focus – Oksana Petersen, Nutrition·Right

"My journey to becoming a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach started in 2011 when I worked in a large, fast-paced corporation. I worked hard and played harder. Sure, I enjoyed the variety but the stress often made me feel emotionally and physically drained. At that point, my efforts to look after myself were sporadic and ineffective at best.

So there I was, living my life like a car speeding in 6th gear. I went on and on, ignoring the warning signs that my mind and my body were giving me… until I was compelled to rethink my priorities. In 2011, my life and my family’s life were thrown into turmoil when my oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

At that very moment I realised that, for the sake of my son’s wellbeing, I had to take responsibility for my own wellbeing. It became clear to me that, if I wanted my son to have a healthy & happy life, I had to be healthy and emotionally balanced myself. The way to reclaim back my health was to improve the nutrition & to find happiness in life.

Whilst searching for Nutrition Coaching qualifications I was looking for a college that would give me the best scientific knowledge about nutrition, coaching tools to help clients to achieve their wellness dreams and the support from the teachers and students that is much needed when embarking on a new career. IHS Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching ticked all of these boxes and gave me even more than I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am grateful for the solid foundation it gave me as well as the confidence to launch my own Nutrition Coaching business in 2018 that keeps on growing steadily.

These days I help busy women to be healthy, to eat well and to discover the joy of being free from bad eating habits. With the help of the Enneagram Personality Profiling System, my clients transform their unhealthy eating habits into lasting guilt free enjoyable ways of eating.

I am also passionate about helping women to be happy with their bodies and to be confident in themselves. As a qualified Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, I am privileged to be able to help women to rediscover their best & most confident versions of themselves, no matter how busy they are.

Currently, I am working on expanding my 1-1 Happy Heart & Balanced Mind with Enneagram service to group webinars. Enneagram helps to understand what triggers our self-sabotaging behaviours and why we have thoughts that hold us back, thus paving the way to a fulfilled life, thriving careers & happy relationships.  Personally, finding my Enneagram type was fundamental in re-building my life and succeeding in my new career.

If you believe that your wellbeing & your life is in your hands, let’s connect: