Graduate Focus – Selen Gulbahce, Selen Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Originally from Izmir, Turkey, I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer and Electronical Engineering from Koc University in Istanbul.

Selen Gulbau

“During my time at Koc, I studied abroad at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While there, I gained an incredible amount of weight. After returning back to Turkey, I constantly tried to find a way to lose the weight I gained but struggled to find a way. Throughout those years I continued on a path of weight loss, weight gain and dieting. I went through the typical ‘yo-yo’ dieting cycle. I would lose the weight only to gain it all back. That experience, combined with the stress required to achieve my education and career pursuits, resulted in terrible digestive problems and poor overall health. I knew I needed to change my lifestyle and my eating habits. I knew I needed to lose weight, reclaim my health, and own my body, my weight, and my lifestyle.

Finally, after years of using numerous nutrition coaches and experimenting with fad diets I read in magazines, I consulted with a gastroenterologist who introduced me to alkaline nutrition. My life changed forever after encountering the alkaline lifestyle and I experienced its immediate positive effects.

Inspired, I read countless articles and books on the Alkaline Nutrition model and adapted this new approach to my lifestyle combining with Mediterranean elements. After a short period of time, my digestive problems essentially disappeared, and by simply eating mostly alkaline foods, I lost 14 kilograms. My life really began to improve. And I was able to sustain those improvements easily. I was so thrilled with my consistent progress that I became convinced others needed to experience the benefits of an alkaline lifestyle.

In fact, I was so passionate I started my education with Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Program through the University of Natural Health. Additionally, I gained training in Child Nutrition from the Stanford School of Medicine, Nutrition in Pregnancy from the Ludwig Maximilian University, Health Psychology in Practice from Spectrum Mental Health and completed courses in Molecular Dietetics from the Irene Diet Academy.

In 2018, I moved to London as I wanted to advance my knowledge in nutrition and I also wanted to network with other people working in this field. I started searching for good program options and I saw the IHS Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching program. One of the main reasons I picked this program was because it was approved by UK Health Coaches Association and Complementary Medicine Association. The program also had lifestyle coaching elements to it so I was happy to add another qualification to my practice as a nutrition coach.

Once I started the program, I was amazed with all the evidence based information I was learning and the program was also very well rounded in terms of practical coaching and consultation tips & techniques as well.

Although I had already been practicing as a nutrition coach before my IHS training, the NLC Diploma program enabled me to grow my business by providing useful tools to add to my practice. Right after graduation I was able to add Lifestyle Coaching to my Nutrition Coaching practice and I was more confident in my ability to coach my clients.

IHS was a great decision for me and I recommend it to all!!!

I now dedicate myself to share the alkaline and Mediterranean diet and lifestyle approach to everyone. I see clients one-on-one (online) and I also have an online subscription based program that has meal plans, recipes, evidence-based information and practical tips about nutrition, stress management, exercise, sleep etc… My platform currently has 450 subscribers.”