Svetlana Sarantseva

After graduating in 2012, I immediately started to build my dietary coaching business. My goal was to set it up in Singapore, which has proven challenging, but I’ve managed! To be honest, the first year of business operations was not easy, but it turned out to be very rewarding in the end. Today, I run a busy weight loss practice for executives, helping them to lose weight effectively and optimise their wellbeing.

My particular interest lays in finding personalised weight loss strategies that suit individual lifestyle and offer lasting results (especially for those who travel a lot and eat in restaurants). I coach individuals on a one-on-one basis, offering practical solutions such as food shopping, personalised diet plans, restaurant menu reviews and so on. It is so rewarding to see my clients’ transformation right before my eyes!!

Right now I am in the process of hiring a PA and in 2015 I have plans to recruit a part-time nutrition consultant. I am also planning to introduce public seminars in Singapore, which will entail practical and hands-on education for healthy eating and sustainable weight loss.