IHS and Nutritics: 5 Ways we Make Accurate, Efficient and Personalised Meal Plans a Piece of Cake

A well trained nutrition professional can put together a varied and nutrient dense plan in their sleep….it’s our bread and butter after all! However, there are some clients that require that little extra from their meal plans, maybe for specific health reasons, performance enhancement or a corporate client to help with product development. These clients need the detailed dietary analysis and super specific meal plans that only hours of manual calculations or a really great dietary analysis software can offer.

That’s why IHS train all our nutrition students (both Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches and Nutritional Therapists) with Nutritics, the most comprehensive, user friendly and affordable dietary analysis, meal planning and recipe management software we have found. And why our graduates and the IHS team use it regularly to achieve fast and effective results with clients and to free up time to grow their business.

One such team member is Joanne Gribbin, Nutritional Therapist, Sports Nutrition expert and IHS course leader (Fundamentals of Personalised Sports Nutrition and Simple Steps to Eating Well for Fitness). Here are her top 5 reasons Nutritics is invaluable when working with her most active clients.

1. Nutritics provides one space to save and adjust all your client data – plus favourite recipes and meal plans etc
When you create a client profile it saves alongside all your other clients and is then just a click away whenever you need it. Profiles couldn’t be easier to update as client goals and body weight/mass change and meal plans are then easily developed for each client. To make life even easier – all these plans can then be saved, adjusted and used for other clients which saves a lot of time and energy, plus it creates really professional looking recipes. It’s also possible to add notes / reminders to meal plans – regarding foods they should consume, or perhaps why you are recommending a certain ratio of macro nutrients.

2. Nutritics takes the guesswork out of analysing a client’s diet
Many experienced practitioners will know from looking at a clients food diary, or listening to a dietary recall, where there may be nutrient deficiencies or excesses in a diet . However, the Nutritics dietary analysis function allows practitioners to not only fact check themselves but also to show clients hard facts and figures regarding what they are eating vs what they need to be eating to achieve their goals. This can be a very powerful motivational tool. Worried that you will have to manually add a number of ready made foods? Fear not – the Nutritics food database is extremely extensive and they are adding new foods (many from direct practitioner requests) frequently.

3. You can automatically calculate a client’s daily caloric requirement based on ages, sex, activity levels
Every individual you work with will have different calorie requirements based on their individual stats and their fitness and performance goals. You can also choose from a number of official international sources for the energy / calorie levels you wish your client’s energy / calorie recommendations to be based on. Your client’s requirements are just a click away with Nutritics, allowing you to really personalize your recommendations to help empower your clients with the specific information they need to successfully meet their goals. You can also easily adjust things like calorie requirements by including or excluding exercise, and personalize recommendations depending on their activity preferences and level – for example for strength or endurance training. Meal plans can be created for specific days – for example on a resistance training day the client may require a higher level of protein in their meals than other days.

4. Nutritics allows you to be very prescriptive with dietary recommendations and tailor to specific client needs
We are big on personalized nutrition at IHS and totally believe that one size does not fit all. Genetics, food preferences, lifestyle and environment can all impact how well a meal plan will work for a client. The Nutritics meal plan shows the exact amount of macro nutrients in each food so you can tailor the meal plan to be very precise. You can also include other nutrients you would like your client to include more of for example Omega 3 fatty acids, or Magnesium.

5. Automated recommendations can easily be manually tweaked
A great feature of Nutritics is that you have the option to tweak recommendations e.g. the g/kg of body weight for any of the macronutrients and it will adjust the plan accordingly. So you can still use that really great meal plan you created for your client who prefers a paleo approach to eating as a basis for your more carb heavy clients without starting from scratch! You can dop the same for micronutrients – as Nutritics gives you options for customizing dietary reference values depending on your region and the client’s needs.

Sound like a useful tool for building your practice and client offerings? We think so too – which is why we train our students to get the most out of Nutritics from early on in the course. So if you want to graduate feeling confident that you have the knowledge, skills and software to build and broaden your business, whilst offering clients a truly personalized and effective service then IHS and Nutritics have you covered!