IHS Graduates Suzanne Leyden & Jessica Mitton launch the WellNow Company

We’re Suzanne Leyden and Jessica Mitton. We’re Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coaches, we’re sisters and we’re both mums. We are really excited to be launching The WellNow Company today. We want to reach as many people as we can so in addition to our own coaching services, we are now rolling out our very own courses online making it accessible to everyone from the comfort of their own home or hammock, depending on where they are on their life journey.

Our first product is Empowered Pregnancy. With 4 (and soon to be 5!) children between us, we found that pregnancy can be a time of information overload from what’s happening to you and your body, your growing baby, what to eat, what not to eat…the list is endless! Having been frustrated by the lack of reliable and straight-talking information available on pregnancy, we went on a mission to consolidate nutrition and lifestyle information in one place. Using coaching tools for self-exploration and planning we will help you have the happiest and healthiest pregnancy for you.

Studying Health & Wellness Coaching with IHS has been great for us both on a professional and personal level. The qualification is well recognised and there is a strong post-graduate support system so we are confident going forward with our careers as coaches. On a personal level, we have always had a natural interest in the area of diet and lifestyle but the course really ignited this in us and drove us forward from it being a personal interest to a full-time career.

It’s a really exciting time to be a coach. There is much more awareness now of the importance of diet and lifestyle factors on our long-term health both in the medical field and among the general public. This greater focus on a healthy lifestyle means that the role for coaches is ever-growing. Coaches are working with clients to achieve their own health goals to help prevent chronic illness but they also support other healthcare professionals by working with clients to implement elements of their prescribed, medical plans.

In terms of our own future plans as coaches, we both get real satisfaction working with clients on an individual basis. It helps us to stay fresh and current and understanding the obstacles that people are facing in daily life to achieving optimum health. We do however, want to reach a broader audience and help spread our knowledge and message out to the masses so we see online playing a huge part in our future plans. It also allows us to design a work-life balance that fits with our own values, goals and vision.

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