Meet the IHS Team – Sally Aquilina, Operations Department

It’s time to meet the IHS team again. Since joining IHS in 2018, Sally has had a massive impact on how the operations department runs, we managed to catch up with her for a quick Q&A

Sally Aquilina

Tea or Coffee? Always coffee

Sun Holiday or City Break? City Break

TV or Book? TV

Favourite Food? Lasagne or Pad Thai

Favourite time of the year? Autumn

Describe yourself in three words. Obstreperous, Whimsical, Inquisitive

What’s your favourite thing about working with IHS? Integrity! I believe the courses are about producing quality practitioners. There is a lot of support for students while they are studying, and part of my work is to offer further support to students after they have finished. I’ve always cared about going the extra mile for customers, but in other jobs I’ve often felt alone in fighting for that, at IHS it is core.

Top well-being tip? Balance. My “aha moment” came with realising everything has good and bad about it. As long as the good outweighs the bad, try not to lose focus or perspective. Even what I eat got better when I changed my focus towards looking for the good elements of food and shifted away from focus on “bad foods”.