Shakshuka Eggs

Our latest IHS favourite comes from Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching graduate Sinead Gallagher. For us, eggs are the ultimate weekend brunch food and this Israeli recipe combines eggs with fabulous flavours and loads of antioxidant phytonutrients, so its an absolute winner.

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Banana Bread

It's been a while since we sent a recipe your way as the IHS team has been tied up with all kinds of exciting projects, but we couldn’t let National Vegetarian Week and International Baking Day pass by without an IHS favourite to mark both occasions!So here is our take on a delicious classic – Banana Bread. This version is refined sugar, egg, oil and butter free so is great for vegans and those on an egg free diet. It is also SERIOUSLY moreish and family friendly… don’t expect it to last long! 

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Healthy Beans on Toast

Sometimes you just want a comforting culinary reminder of your childhood. But let's face it - thats not always the healthiest or freshest option…our mind is currently wandering to tins of Heinz mushroom soup, steamed treacle puddings, Angel Delight (does this even exist anymore??) and of course good old baked beans.

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