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Meet the IHS Team – Suzanne Laurie, IHS Director, Unit Leader & Lecturer

Suzanne Laurie

Suzanne Laurie is an IHS director and was jointly responsible for establishing IHS over 14 years ago. Passionate about Health & Wellness, Suzanne works across all IHS departments from academia to marketing and everything in between - she is committed to furthering the standards for the training and practice of nutrition and health courses. We had a quick catch up earlier this month, read the full Q&A below.

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8 Immune Boosters in your Kitchen

Its cold and flu season at the moment so its hard to avoid the nasty sniffles and sore throats that your friends and family may all be succumbing to. However - it's not actually as hard to stay healthy, or get rid of any bugs quickly and effectively, as you might think. Just step right into your kitchen, open the cupboards and start making better use of some of the amazing immune boosting foods you probably had no idea you had at home. Here are 8 of our favourite immune boosters

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10 Top Tips for Boosting Your Immune System by Suzanne Laurie, IHS Director

The immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. It is a highly evolved series of defences designed to protect us against many of the diseases and regular assaults such as invading organisms, toxins and mutated cells (cancer cells). It is an incredibly complex body system and must constantly be on the look-out for invaders. It also needs a vast array of nutrients and a hefty dose of TLC,  to work efficiently and effectively so here are our top tips for supporting your immune system through the cold and flu season.

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