Meet the IHS Team – Suzanne Laurie, IHS Director, Unit Leader & Lecturer

Suzanne Laurie

Suzanne Laurie is an IHS director and was jointly responsible for establishing IHS over 14 years ago. Passionate about Health & Wellness, Suzanne works across all IHS departments from academia to marketing and everything in between - she is committed to furthering the standards for the training and practice of nutrition and health courses. We had a quick catch up earlier this month, read the full Q&A below.

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One to Read – Delalicious – A Full Plate for a Full Life, Sinead Delahunty

Our book for September is a cookbook created by Tipperary GAA footballer Sinead Delahunty. Juggling a full-time job as a physiotherapist with a Gaelic football career and a food blog, Sinéad understands the pitfalls of being under time pressure. She does not follow any diet, which is refreshing and through her experience on and off the pitch, she has mastered how to fuel her body healthily.

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Love the Skin You’re In: Be Body Confident this Summer

Its summer (and it really is this year!) so the sun is out, and so are some bits of our bodies that are kept under wraps for most of the year. This should be cause for celebration – a great chance to get a bit of colour and vitamin D – but instead it’s often a time for our body insecurities to go into over-drive. Why? Because we live in a society where we are encouraged not to like ourselves, to want to look different and to pay a lot of money to do so. Our body confidence is being stripped away on a daily basis by unattainable images of body ‘perfection’ but this year team IHS want you to do things differently. We want you to put your beautiful and unique body into your favourite summer outfits and go and enjoy yourself/make memories –remembering that body confidence does not come from your figure, it comes from your mind. Is this self-acceptance hard? Yes. But it can be done and we are here to help with a few tips from 3 entirely differently shaped, perfectly imperfect members of team IHS who have all found different ways to love the skin they’re in.

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Meet the IHS Team

Caroline Noonan

A college is nothing without the team behind it. From the academic staff to everyone in administration and operations, each individual has their role to play in ensuring the best possible student experience. We are grateful everyday for the amazing team we have built at IHS and we thought you might like to get to know them a bit better. So we’ll be speaking to an IHS team member every month asking them a bit about what they do at IHS, how they got into the health and wellness industry and why they think you should be embarking on a career in this exciting field.

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How to Beat Exam Stress!

With exam time imminent, many students feel a huge level of stress in the lead up to and during exams. It’s an unavoidable part of student life that can be tough to manage. The key to surviving exam stress is to take control and manage the stressors before it gets the better of you. To help you survive, we have talked to our leading experts in Stress Management in the Institute of Health Sciences and put together some expert advice on sleep, nutrition and stress reducing techniques for you to practice at home. 

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Why Become a Health and Wellness Coach?

Coaching is Going Mainstream! Why become a Health and Wellness Coach? That's a question that's very easy to answer: 1). Because it works 2). Because right now we are seeing a remarkable surge in both public and professional interest in the profession 3). Because, if you are already an existing healthcare practitioner, you can become a coach quickly and easily

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