Simple Tips to Eating Plant-Based, by Chris Peare, Green Lemon Nutrition

We caught up with Chris Peare who has co-created our new Plant-Based Nutrition Course and he shared with us some of his top tips for plant-based eating. Whether you identify as vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian these tips are perfect for you. 

Chris Peare

Be Prepared
At this point in time the world we live in is not made for plant-based consumers. It is true that veggie and vegan options are becoming increasingly available but it still can be difficult.

When eating in work or on the go, why not prepare your favourite plant-based foods such as overnight oats or smoothies for breakfast and sushi bowls or coronation chickpea sandwiches for lunch. There are so many delicious plant-based foods that can be made in bulk, so meal prep doesn’t have to take forever.

Choose fibre and eat lots of it
Fibre is an indigestible carbohydrate found only in plants, and over 80% of us don’t get enough. Eating more fibre can improve energy as it slows down the release of sugar into your blood stream. It is also linked to lower cholesterol, achieving and maintaining a healthier weight, regulating bowel movements and helping to create a healthy microbiome. The good gut bacteria in our microbiome thrive on a high fibre diet and a healthy microbiome is linked to a better immune system, better brain health, better digestion and better bone health.

There is a common misconception that eating a plant-based diet won’t fill you up. This is not true. Fibre is very filling and eating lots of it won’t make you feel sluggish like you might after eating heavier foods. You can eat so much more of these nutrient dense high fibre vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes. They are naturally low in fat so there is less need to worry about calories as eating a low-fat plant-based diet is shown to contribute to a healthier weight.

Call Ahead
When eating out with friends call the restaurant in advance and make sure that they know your dietary requirements. Most chefs and restauranteurs are more than happy to create a delicious plant-based meal for their customers but it helps if they have advanced notice so that they can be prepared.

Stock Up on the Good Stuff
If you are trying to move to a plant-based diet make sure you stock your kitchen with tasty whole-foods, especially if you are the only plant-based person in the house. Make sure the fruit bowl is full and your fridge is packed with greens, squash, potatoes and other tasty veggies. If you have a good selection of legumes, spices and plenty of coconut milk you can have a nutritious curry ready in minutes. Hummus and nut butter are super quick snacks while mixed nuts with dried fruit is a delicious snack to keep hunger at bay. Make sure you have your treat cupboard stocked with good quality 60-70% dark chocolate. Keeping a full kitchen will help to help you to eat healthy, wholesome and satisfying food every day.