Suzanne Laurie


IHS Director, Unit Leader & Lecturer

Suzanne Laurie

Suzanne is a Nutritional Therapist and Coach passionate about furthering the standards for the training and practice of wellness and coach training in Europe. She graduated from the University of Westminster with a BSc in Health Sciences: Nutritional Therapy in 2002 and has recently completed her MSc in Applied Positive Psychology with distinction.

She has worked at a number of institutes and universities in the UK and Ireland before helping found the Institute of Health Sciences. Suzanne could see the power of coaching in healthcare before it grew in popularity in Europe and personally instigated the introduction of the first recognised health and wellness coaching qualification to Ireland.

She has since completed advanced training in this area and incorporated the key skills from this exciting discipline into all courses at IHS.

Suzanne is a member of the UK Health Coaches Association Standards Review Group (SRG), a collaborative cross-industry working group, with the aim of developing and establishing a set of robust professional standards for education, training and progression pathways for Health and Wellness Coaching.

Suzanne has a special interest in female wellbeing in midlife – developing one to one coaching and education programmes to help women thrive during this life stage and into the second half of their lives.