What the Clients Say

As great as it is seeing graduate testimonials, it's even better to see the positive impact these graduates are having with their clients:

Testimonials for Ciara McKinlay, Fabtrition

‘Ciara’s presentation on nutrition and diet was well informed, perfectly pitched and delivered in a professional yet sensitive manner. We came away armed with practical advice on the little changes that we can make in our day to day life that will lead to a healthier way of living. Educational, enjoyable and highly recommended!’ David Fitzgerald – CEO MIBI

‘Ciara recently ran a 5 week Nutrition and Lifestyle in-house programme for us to support our company wellness programme. We found Ciara to be very knowledgeable and her talks informative with lots of tips and take away recipes. Ciara worked very closely with us to understand what would be beneficial for employees and what best suited the audience. I would thoroughly recommend her programme.’ Mairead Mulligan – Human Resource Manager, The Insurance Institute

‘Working with Ciara encouraged me to embark on a total physical and dietary workout – Ciara delivered the technique, a programme and a very optimistic attitude to ensure that I made progress in getting fit, improving my diet, and losing the inches. I wholeheartedly recommend Ciara and intend to continue to work with her in the long term to maintain the momentum she helped create through working with me.’ Nicola Murray Hayden

Niamh Walsh, iN Wellness Coaching

“I would highly recommend iN Wellness Coaching, Niamh is so approachable, knowledgeable & understanding. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to achieve other than more energy & better sleep. During the course of several consultations I had with Niamh, I managed to establish concise goals & pinpoint areas in my diet that were contributing to my constant 4am waking, energy drops during the day & acne breakouts. Niamh identified keys areas in both my diet & lifestyle that I could adapt to fit with my personal goals. She helped me to add much needed variety to my eating patterns & a deeper understanding of how to eat to feel good. My skin had never looked better, I’m sleeping better & most importantly I have tons more energy.”

John Walsh, County Waterford, Ireland, client of Helen Byrne, Help 2 Health:

“My doctor was astonished with the blood results and wanted to know what I had done. I went to Helen mid-September 2018. I am in my early sixties and I was just diagnosed with diabetes that week and I arrived at Helen’s clinic the following day! I was overweight. My energy levels were on the floor. I needed someone to motivate me to get in the right frame of mind. I know I had to start taking my health more seriously – something which I had put on the long finger. Being diagnosed with diabetes was a huge wake up call for me. I needed to be held accountable and I needed guidelines that I could follow each week. I wanted a kind of plan that was sustainable for me and that fitted around my life but it had to include foods that I would eat as I like plain foods. I had lost weight in the past but never seemed to be able to keep it off. So I suppose I knew deep down I could not tackle this on my own. I work well to goals.

At the first session we spoke ways that my life would change and what I would gain by losing weight, which was a good starting point. I wanted to be able to run without getting out of breath all the time. I train kids in football and keeping up with the kids on the pitch was a huge effort.

So we started with my diet. I cut out most sugary foods, white bread, fizzy drinks, which I used to drink, and I cut down on the alcohol. We put an exercise plan in place and I discovered a love for walking. I started cooking more meals from scratch, nothing too fancy just basic foods and I started making healthier choices when eating out. Every week I lost weight. Some weeks more than others. I even managed to go away on holidays and lose weight, which I put down to the healthy habits I had created over time. So in 4 months I have lost just over 30 pounds and I am continuing to lose weight.

I went back to the doctor at the end of January. My cholesterol is down from 5.7 to 4.2, my blood pressure is perfect and my blood sugars are down from 60+ to 40. My doctor was astonished with the blood results and wanted to know what I had done. He advised me to keep doing what I was doing. I will be back to doctor in May with a view to potentially lowering the dose of my diabetes medication. So anyone with diabetes I would say get the professional help to change your diet so you can get your energy and vitality back and start living again.

I found Helen to be very supportive, professional and genuine. She understood me and continually motivated me on. If I had tried to do this on my own without Helen’s support I would not be where I am today. My life has changed completely. I have so much more energy. I much more motivated. I can now set my own goals and stay focused. I look forward to getting up now and getting on with my life. I would recommend Helen in a heartbeat.”

Testimonials for Jackie Varley, Optimal Health and Performance:

“I had my final weigh-in with Jackie today. Down 8lbs in weight, body fat reduced, and hydration levels increased. Jackie has given me the tools to keep going, and to enjoy my food in a new, healthy way without feeling deprived. I would highly recommend Jackie”

“When I signed up for a 24hr endurance race I knew that the key to surviving to the finish would be all about nutrition. I turned to Jackie and WOW- so glad I did! Jackie, you tailored my eating plan throughout each stage of my 7 months training, adjusting, monitoring as it progressed, keeping my body fat from dropping too low – in the end I was burning 4800 calories per day, NOT including another 800 per hour of training! You always factored in my lifestyle, stress, sleep & work. You gave me expert advice & recipes that kept me on track. For the race itself, your detailed plan was meticulous and perfect in execution. I needed 21,000 calories during the race. Finding creative, nutritious foods & a delivery method was all accounted for. Today, 36hrs after successfully completing the race I am in awe of how you did it. Many of those around me were physically sick during the event. Huge over-reliance on gels (one guy had 24 gels attached to his bike alone). Jackie’s plan included as much wholefoods for as long as possible with only gels where necessary. After such an event I am delighted my energy and recovery is good. Daily family life and work kicks back in and I am happily back at both. Jackie, your professionalism, knowledge, experience & positivity was outstanding. Thank you so much.”

“Working for the last 6 weeks online with Jackie was a lifesaver as I couldn’t commit to a face to face weigh in due to travelling for work. I’ve more energy, sleep better, have lost 3.5% body fat & gained 1 kg of muscle all guided by Jackie.’

Niall Darby, Captain of Offaly GAA senior footballers, clients of Debbie Devane, the Nutri Coach:

“I began working with Debbie in early 2020 and since then I have noticed an increase in my performance levels and my general wellbeing. Her help, assistance and knowledge had been very beneficial in our individual and collective performances. Her experience adds the small percentages that teams are often look for. The Offaly Senior footballers are delighted to have her as part of our set up.”

Marion Roache set up a program to “stall the covid stone” – a weight management program designed to balance blood sugars, curb cravings and mindset shifts, giving the clients control over their food choices. Money raised went towards Heroes-Aid, set up to support frontline staff in supplying PPE gear and later to provide emotional support for them:

“Thanks so much for setting up this group, I found it great. It really helped me think more about what I am eating, the nutritional value and portion sizes – which is great. It is something that I am pretty sure that I will be able to stick to in the future because I am enjoying the food that I am eating so it has been a lifestyle change, which is exactly what I was looking for.
I think balancing the blood sugars was a massive thing for me as I was always craving, whether it was chocolate with a coffee straight after my dinner or carbs at meal times. That has passed and I don’t even think about chocolate unless the girls have made something and then I will indulge, but I no longer feel the need to go back for more and more! So thanks again”